mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009

Iris Rose Creation giveaway!

Hi to all!
If you like crocheted items and afghans...this giveaway is for you!
I found it few minutes ago and tought I must share it with you!
Kimberly of the Iris Rose Creations is giving away this awesome hand crocheted afghan...
If you would like to partecipate (I did!!!), here!
Good luck to you all!!!

sabato 28 novembre 2009

New lariats in my shop!

Hi to all!
I've added 2 new crochet lariat in my shop.
The 1st one is a wonderful blue/purple wool.
In the pics it seems blue's not pure blue, is a mix of purple and blue, more purple really.
So...if you like those colors, this one is perfect for you.
It goes perfectly with grey that is a must this year!

The second one is really different, this yarn is soooo soft and fuzzy and it looks sooo stylish!!!
It has shades of green and cream, really goes with anything's also very warm!
But I always have the grey one that is a best selling in my shop, they are perfect for Christmas gifts too!!!
Hope you'll like them!!!

mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

A Robin in my garden

Good morning to all!
few minutes ago I was outside in my garden, trying to see something throught the fog...'s almost 3 days that we completely surrounded by the fog's not nice at all...
All is grey and cold for to go to work is not easy...

Anyway...I was looking at my garden and...he was there!!!
A beautiful little Robin (the italian word for him is Pettirosso) was there...dropping in the grass...
Now...I remember that my Grandmather used to tell me that...when you see Robins...the snow is coming...
I'm not sure if this is true but...I would love to see the 1st snow!
Christmas is around the corner now but...without's not the same...

So...hope that the little Robin, really will bring a bit of snow!!!!

venerdì 20 novembre 2009

Look what I got in the mail!!!!

yesterday morning I got a brown envelope in the mail and...guess what????
A pair of wonderful crocs come here from Belgium!!!!!
Some weeks ago I won Dina's Fragola Giveaway, the prize was a pair of crocs of our choice!
I was the lucky winner of that giveaway and now I'm the proud owner of this awesome pair of crocs!!!
They are wonderful and perfectly fit my feet!!!!!
So, thanks sooooo much Nathalie !!!
And also...thanks so much for the nice card and for the super cute necklace!!!!!!

A quilt for my Dad part 4: DONE!!!!

Good afternoon!!!!
ok...finally...the quilt for my Dad is done!!!!!
I have to say that...I love the way it tured out, the colors are so country and perfect for a man I think, plus it's soooo soft and warm!
I love it and...I'm sure my Dad will love it too!!!
Thanks for follow my adventures in making it!!!!
Hugs to all!!!!

mercoledì 18 novembre 2009

A quilt for my Dad: part 3

Good morning to all!

Wow! finally this quilt is almost done...
I only have to sew the binding and this is the relaxing part for me...
Sitting on my sofa, near the fireplace, hand sewing the binding is my favourite part of making quilts!!!
What's yours?

I wish you all a nice day!!!

mercoledì 11 novembre 2009

TUTORIAL: How to make an embroidered Birthday card

Hi to all again!
Well...this is my very first tutorial ever so, please, be kind with me...LOL!!!
Past week I needed a Birthday card for a friend in Holland, he's a very cute guy I met about 20 years ago when I was in High School...
My school went to Paris for 5 days and his school too so...we met there...
And...after 20 years...we still exchanges every years birthday cards, Xmas and Easter cards and also some letters!
BTW...I went to the shop but I didn't find a cute card for Addry (this is his name) so...I decided to make one...

This is what you need:
- a nice piece of cardboard
- a scrap of fabric
- threads
- ruler
- rotary cutting or scissors
- stabilizer
- envelope
- sticker or adhesive (optional)

Ok, first of all, you must choose an embroidery design that you like: remember that you can make a birthday card in this way too or an Easter card, a Xmas card,a get well soon card, a baby shower card...
So, choose the embroidery design for the event you are celebrating!
Embroidery the design with your sewing machine (if you don't have one, you can do the embroidery by hand, or you can do a cute appliquè, or also you can find a fabric that have already a cute scene on it!).

Ok, now that the embroidery is done, you have to fold the cardboard in half and resize it to fit the envelope you chose.

At this point, you have to resize your embroidered fabric too: keep your cardboard and resize the fabric.
You can make your fabric bigger or smaller, just keep in mind that you have to stitch all around it to secure it to the cardboard.

Ok, you're almost done.
Find a nice stitch (I used the straight stich and then a little zig zag, in this way I made a frame) and stitch your piece of fabric on to the cardboard.
You can't pin it on the cardboard but if you would like, it could help to add a small sticker or adhesive on the back of the fabric, in the centre of it so you will be sure that you'll don't "find" it under the needle of your sewing machine!
Sew all around your fabric using a decorative stitch and...voilà!!!
Your card is ready to be shipped!!!!!
Ok, I hope that this tutorial can be useful for someone, feel free to ask if you'd need other information and...please, let me know...what do you think about it...
I'm thinking to make other tutorials but I need to know if in this way, they are understandable!!!
Thank you and...HAPPY SEWING!!!!

domenica 8 novembre 2009

STOP: I need a break!!!

Hi to all!

Today it's cold outside and it's raining too so...I'm spending my Sunday sewing...

I started this early morning and after a fast lunch...I started again!

I really love what I'm sewing but, at this point...I need a break...
But...not that kind of break "ok...I'm going a bit outside..." nooooooo...I need a sweet break!!! LOL!!!!
So...I'm treating my self with a cup of...the most delicious hot chocolate!!!!

I'm so sorry you can't taste it or smell's...awesome...believe me...and it helps your body and mind!!!
I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and...take a moment for a sweet break deserve it!!!!

martedì 3 novembre 2009

Fall Giveaway: aqua linen pouch

I love to partecipate in fun giveaways and...I love to have giveaway too!!!!
So, there is another one for you!
The prize is this beautiful fabric/linen pouch!

For partecipate to my giveaway, please, go to Sumiko shop blogspot , read the interview and follow some simples rules!
If you would like to be sure to don't miss any other giveaway in the future, just follow my blog!

And...don't forget to go to Sumiko Etsy Shop, it's amazing!!!!

I hope to have lots of partecipants for this giveaway!!!!
Thank you!!!!

giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

Flickr Favourites: Fall is all around us!!!

Bulit Photography ;maryn0503 ; Lone Rock ; Kell707

Hi to all!
I found those awesome pics on Flickr and would love to share them with you!
I love fall with the awesome colors of the leaves, pumpkins, blue sky!!!
Enjoy this beautiful fall!!!!

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

A quilt for my Dad:part two

Hi to all!
This morning I got up early, I did my housework, I cooked something for dinner (as for lunch I'm alone at home and I only eat a yogurt so...I don't need to cook...LOL) and I started to work on my Dad's quilt.
I worked on it since five minutes ago and...I think it's turning out nice...
Now...the blocks are only layered on the floor, I need to sew them together but...I think I chose the right colors...
What do you think?
Have a nice day!!!!

martedì 27 ottobre 2009

Find on Etsy for you:Studio Danale Shop

Hi to all!
Today I found this cute shop on Etsy for you: Studio Danale - unique nursery decor.
It's full of very nice and sweet items for our babies room, beautiful and delicate designs and pastels colors!
I just love it!
Please, go and visit it!!!!

domenica 25 ottobre 2009

A quilt for my Dad: part one

Hi to all!
About 3 weeks ago my Dad fell bad in the middle of the night...
we immediately called the emergency and they brought him to the hospital and the diagnosis was...heart attack...

You can imagine how much scared we were and also...very very angry... Dad is a very active man, he doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doens't eat too much and only homemade food...he walks very much and does lots of different activities so...we really didn't understand how is possible to get an heart attack in this way...

After few hours...the doctors said that probably it was not an heart attack and we were so happy to hear this but...anyway...they said that he has a heart valve very damaged and...he needs a surgery for to change this valve... are so much scary heart surgery is something that is not very easy to manage... Dad is waiting for the surgery...we are waiting that the Doctor will tell us when it will be possible to do it but...he needs to have it...soon... this period...I'm really so worry but...I would not like that my Dad "see" my worries and so I try to be happy and relaxed...when I'm with him...

But inside of me...I don't feel in this way...

Anyway...I decided to make him a quilt...I would love to give it to him while he will be at the hospital, after the surgery...
And surely...this quilt will be so useful when he will come back home as he will have a period of recovering at home and...winter is so close...
So, hopefully, this quilt will keep him warm loved...

I started my quilt today.
I chose tu put on it Deers, my Dad is an hunter but...he loves Deers...
So...I fused some Deers' shape on the back of brown fabrics and I cut them...
Now, I'm going to sew them on my central blocks.
In the next days, I'll work on his quilt and...I'll post here more pics about my progress...
Thanks for take the time to read this!!!
I wish you all a nice Sunday!!!!

venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

A new Giveaway!!!!

Do you like giveaway???

I do!!!

And so...I'm having a new one on Boutique Stitches' Blog!

If you like my crochet lariat and would like to have a chance to win it...just click here and follow some simple rules could be the winner!!!
Thanks for partecipating!!!

And the winner is...

Hi to all!

my 1st giveaway is ended.
Sandra of the Pepperberry & Co was so kind to host a giveaway on her beautiful blog and...the lucky winner of one of my 4in1 cases is...tadaaaaaaaa...
Thanks so much to Sandra and to all the partecipants and thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my items!!!!!!

sabato 10 ottobre 2009


Hi to all!!
This week end I'm celebrating my can't believe this...they are already...38!!!!!
My birthday will be Monday, 12th of October and so in this week end I would love to run a sale in my shop.

You can choose anything you want and...I'll aplly a 20% off on the total amount of the order!

The only thing you have to do is to be a follower of this blog and mention on the notes of the order "birthday sale".
Then...wait for a revised invoice!!!!

The sale started today Saturday 10th October and will end Monday 12th October at midnight!

Thanks and...hope to get lots of sales this week end!!!!

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

A little gift for Mom

My Mom few days ago bouhgt herself a new cell phone because the old one broke...
I tought that it should be nice if she also have a new cell phone holder!

So...I took some piece of wool, felt, embroidery threads and I made for her this one!
Today I'm going to give it to her and...I really hope she'll like it!!!
I'm a bit nervous... :O)
What do you think?
Does she'll like it?

domenica 4 ottobre 2009

My creative space

I know...every the same story...

I need to start soon my Xmas gifts, I love to make them and not to buy them but...they requires lot of time and lot of work but...I enjoy every minutes while I'm making them!
But...also this year...I started...LATE!!!!
Today my creative space is dedicated to the making of my 1st Xmas gift for this year!!! sewing and embroidering ready to start!!!!

If you'd like to play to this game too, please, visit the Kootoyoo's blog!

venerdì 2 ottobre 2009

Dylan Dog celebrates my birthday!!!!

Hi to all!!!
Well...I know...the theme of this post sounds a bit...crazy so...I start to the beginning...

Probably most of you doens't know Dylan Dog, especially the not italian readers of this blog...

Dylan Dog is a nightmare's investigator! understood right!!!
He works every day with ghosts, monsters, death people, sometimes also aliens...his cases are always so strange and much more strange is the people he meets...

He has a very funny assistant, he's the copy of Groucho Marx and he's funny and crazy like him too!

But Dylan...oh...he's a beautiful old boy...he always fell in love with some wonderful girl...he had lots of girls and...he really loved them all!!!

Every time!!!!

It's a boy's hard to find now...especially in the real life...

At this point, you surely know that he's not a real person but...a comic...

Every month in the newspaper kiosk you can find a new adventure of this fascinating always young boy!


I have 196 of those books and so this means that I started to read it more then 16 years ago!!!

I just fell in love with him the 1st time I found his little book in the kiosk and...never stopped to read it, month after month...year after year! can easly understand my surprise and my...happyness today!!!

I went to the local shop for buy my copy of the book, I took it, I paid it and...when I went outside on the road...I took a look at the cover of this month ...and...WOW!!!!!!

It says...12 OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! birthday it's exactly the...12th of October!!!!!!!!!!!! says also "The day of the werewolf" so my hubby is a bit worry about this...LOL!!!


I can't believe this!!!

Yes...ok...I know he's not really celebrating my birthday but...I would like to think he is!!!!!!

So...thank you Dylan for this great birthday gift!!!

It's the 1st one for me this year...and I get more others in the next few days!!!!

Thanks to all for reading and maybe'd like to know more about Dylan too!!!!

martedì 29 settembre 2009

Featured on Pepperberry & Co and Give Away!!!

Good morning every one!!!

I'm so happy to let you know that today I'm featured in a wonderful blog called Pepperberry & Co.

Sandra's blog is full of very interesting post and also great tutorials and every Tuesday she features an Etsy Seller that inspires her in a series called Tuesday Tales!

Today...she chose me and my shop!

Please, take a look at the interview and also...partecipate into the give away!

This is my first one and I'm offering one of my 4in1 cases of your choice.

The one you can see here below it's just an example but feel free to browse my shop and let me know which one is your favourite.

For partecipate in this give away, you must be a follower of this blog, then go to Pepperberry & Co. blog, post a comment there about your favourite 4in1 and became a follower of the Pepperberry & Co. blog too!
And please, don't forget to visit Sandra's shop too, you'll find lots of wonderful items there!!!
Thanks and...good luck!!!!

giovedì 24 settembre 2009

I won the crocs giveaway!!!!!!

Who don't like Crocs???
I'm just crazy for them so...when I found the Crocs Giveaway on Dina Fragola's blog...I decided to partecipate...
And...Oh my...I'm the lucky winner of a beautiful pair of crocs!!!!
I chose those you can see in the pic and I can't wait to receive them!!!!

Thanks so much Nathalie, you were so generous to have such a great giveaway!!!!!

If you would like to visit Dina Fragola Etsy shop, here it is!'s her blog!

Thanks for reading!!!

martedì 22 settembre 2009



Summer is definitely ending and so...this is my warm welcome to the Fall/Autumn season!

This is a beautiful and unique crocheted collar or neckwarmer!

I made it with an italian yarn that is 100% Merino Wool.The vibrants colors have all the shades of the autumn leaves, from green to brown and orange!The collar or neckwarmer is 17" long and x 4" wide.

It's closed with a button and I've crocheted a button hole.I've added a crocheted little flower that surely adds a very nice touch!

martedì 15 settembre 2009

Patrick Swayze: Goodbye and Thank you!!!

Who can forget this beautiful guy?
Who can forget "Johnny" in Dirty Dancing?
Who can forget him in Ghost?
Surely...I can't...

You made me smile and made my cry, you were in lots of my teen ager dreams...
I remember when I was a teen and I went to the cinema with my friends to see you in Dirty Dancing...
I fell in love for you immediately like millions of other teen agers all around the world!

It's a sad day today's hard to say you...Goodbye... sure...we'll never forget you Patrick and I would like to thank you for all the magical moments you gave us trough all your movies!!!!!


domenica 13 settembre 2009

The most famous squirrel of the world!!!!

Do you know this picture?
This is actually the most famous squirrel of the world!!!
This fun pic is everywhere on the web and this little squirrel is just too much cute!!!!!

The "story" is that the guys behind the squirrel decided to take a picture of themselves with theyr camera...
Ok...they used the "auto" click of the camera, chose a nice place that shows the beautiful scenery around and...OPSSS!!!
The squirrel was there while the camera take the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is sooooo much fun!!!!!
Just love to share this with you!!!! :O)
Have a great Sunday!!!!

venerdì 11 settembre 2009

Zero calories: Flickr Favourites


Today I feel soooo hungry I'm following a diet...I can't eat all what I'd like...

Those cute "foods" looks soooo yummy and...they have ZERO calories!!! seems that they perfect for me!!!! LOL!!!!

mercoledì 9 settembre 2009

Featured Etsy Shop: BEAG

Today I found on Etsy for you this beautiful shop: BEAG.
I love colorful and creative items and this shop is just full of them!!!
Great items, beautiful and so colorful yarns and also great pics!!!
All the items are hand crocheted by the very talented owner of this shop: lip balms holders, key chains, jewelry, tutorials...surely you'll find something nice for you and also for make nice gifts!!!!
Thanks for reading!!!

martedì 8 settembre 2009

I've got a new tool!!!!!

Hi to all!!!!
This is my new tool: a cyclette!!!!
Well...I added to this pic 2 nice pink frames hoping that in this way...the cyclette looks more nice and a hard tool...
But...I'm not sure this will work...

I can also try to wear my pink sunglasses when I'll use it but...not sure those works too...LOL!!!

But...I have to convince my self that the sport is good for me and for my body...
OMMMMM...OMMMMM...OMMMM...I need to do cyclette...I need to do sport...OMMMM...OMMMMM...

Now...I'm almost 38 years old and I work like a part time secretary in the afternoon and in the morning I'm at home, doing housework, cooking and sewing...
It seems that I also love to stay sit down...for reading, for sewing...for playing with my's TRUE!!!!

But...I know that my body need a bit of help at this point...and...I'm not a "sport woman" for sure...

So...I tought that maybe the cyclette could be right for me...
Now...I'm watching at it and I'm trying to convince myself...
Not an easy thing for sure!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Does someone have some suggestions????
Thanks and have a nice day!!!!!

domenica 6 settembre 2009

Crazy for scarves: PrettyPanda Etsy shop

Do you love pretty scarves?
I surely do!!!!

And...when I found Pretty Panda shop on Etsy...I really MUST to buy one!
So...I bought for myself the pink one, I love pink and this scarf is beautiful!!!
Then, my Mom saw it and would like a scarf for herself too and so...I bought another one for me...and one for her...LOL!!!

Unjung, the owner of this lovely shop is really a lovely and kind lady and her scarves are awesome, really well made and the colors are gorgeous!!!!

They come really beautiful packaged too as you can see in the pic and...she also includes some really nice gifts!!!! was really a happy purchase!!!!
Please, visit her shop, she also has some cute jewelry!!!!

sabato 5 settembre 2009

New weekly challenge: enchanted forest

Every week the Europeanstreetteam host a challenge between all the members!This week the host is Blue Terracotta that won last week challenge.

She chose the theme "The enchanted Forest" and this is my entry!

For to see all the other entries, please, go here.

I called it "In the middle of the forest" and you can find it in my shop!

It's a very cute canvas wristlet.

It has has a felt black unicorn and a cute little felt pink fairy appliquè on it.

I did the embroidery and the appliquè by hand

I've also added a nice lace on the top of the wristlet!

It's completely lined with a 100% cotton fabric, interfaced with a light medium interface for give it body and shape and well padded with a medium weight batting so it's perfect not only for your keys, lip balm, driver licence and all the little things you have in your big bag but also for your cell phone or ipod or camera!

It's closed with a matching zipper!

This is the perfect accessory for any romantic and "girly" girl and make a great gift!

It's about 8" long and 6" tall and the wrist strap is 7".

It has a really nice shape, not the classic squared or rectangular wristlet!

giovedì 3 settembre 2009

It's Harvest time on Stylish Stems' shop

Our summer sadly is ending, the days are still hot and sunny but...we will have some rain in the next few days so...summer...Goodbye...
Now...we are ready for the awesome colors of the Fall season and Stylish Stems' shop is full of wonderful fall items!!!!
I found this Scarecrow in a hay bale arrangement, it's beautiful and surely looks great in any front door!!!!
Please, check this shop for more Fall items!!!!

mercoledì 2 settembre 2009

French windows

During our holidays in Provence this past summer, I took lots and lots of beautiful pics...
Provence is really amazing, full of wonderful colors everywhere!
But...the thing that was most eye catching for me were...the windows!!!
Well...the windows in Provence (mostly there but also in other French regions) are really gorgeous!!!
So colorful and with beautiful flowers displaied on them!
And the fun part is that all the turists are so interested in the windows and I bet that no one come home from France withouth a beautiful pic of at least 1 window!!! LOL!!!
Some times, in front of a nice window...I had to wait because there were lots of other turists that are taking pics...LOL!!! question is:what the French people think about us turists that can wait also 10-15 minutes for take a pic of a theyr window???? LOL!!!!
If there is some French that is reading this post...I'd really love to read a comment...LOL!!!!
Thanks for reading!!!!

Find on Etsy for you: Scented Luxuries' shop

Scented candles, soaps, beauty produtcs and also jewerly!
This shop is full of all the things we girls can't live without!!!!! :O)
Prices are also so affordables so...please, what are you waiting for?
Scented luxuries is waiting for you!!!

martedì 1 settembre 2009

Art from your kids:Raspberrykidz's shop

Let's your kids' imaginations flies and...create a piece of art from theyr draws!!!!
This is the Garden Fairies, and you can find it in Rasperrikidz' shop.

lunedì 31 agosto 2009

4in1 means...

a great item that can holds, all together:
- your tissues,
- your lip balm or USB driver,
- your business cards or credit cards,
- your keys!!!!
Isn't it so clever????
The front of the case is closed with a zipper and it can holds your tissues but you can also decide to put in it your cell phone, ipod or camera!!!The little pocket on the front can holds your lip balm, candies or USB driver.
There is a key ring for your keys, and, on the back, there is a big pocket for your business cards or credit card or driver licence...Do you like the pattern but not the fabric?Feel free to convo me and ask for your favourite color or fabric!I'd be happy to do custom orders!!!
You can find the original 4in1 case in my shop!

Cute as a button: Button Bookmark from Burning Moon shop

Do you like buttons? you like to read?
Great! those cute bookmark are for you!
They make a cute little gift for you or your friends!
You can find them in Burning Moon shop!

domenica 30 agosto 2009

Find on Etsy for you: Serenie shop

I love to "look" to Etsy shop and find amazing items!
Today I found this beautiful necklace...who don't love birds?
I found this Bird Nest Necklace with Caramel Pearls in Serenie shop
If you are looking for cute and unique jewerly, this is the right place for you!

sabato 29 agosto 2009

Hubby is doing BBQ!!!

Hi to all!
You know how men are...mine decided to do BBQ today...
It doesn't matter that I would like to eat a pizza this evening...he needs to do BBQ!!! he's in our garden taking care of our meat...LOL!!!
The smells come here and it seems wonderful...hope that also the taste will be the same... :O) the BBQ an exclusive men thing?????
Are your hubbies like mine too???

Weekly challenge: Fall is coming!

Good morning to you all!
Every week the Etsyitaliateam organize a challenge between all the members...
This week the challenge is hosted by Sumiko that won last week challenge and she chose "Fall is coming" theme...
So...this is my entry!
A hand made crochet lariat that features all the colors of autumn!
If you'd like to see all the entries, go here !
Thanks and have a great Saturday!!!!

mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

I won a giveaway!!!!!

Hi to all!!!
last week I partecipated in Dina Fragola's blog giveaway and this morning I found an envelope in the mail and...what a lovely surprise!!!
The Cute Kitsch It Yourself bag contain a real little treasure!!!!
I love it sooooo much!!!!
Thanks so much for this cute give away Nathalie!!!!!

lunedì 24 agosto 2009

I've reached 1150 hearts!!!!

Today I've reached 1150 hearts on my Etsy shop!!!
I can't tell how much happy I'm for!!!
I wish they are sales...LOL...but...I'm so happy that so much people take the time to visit my shop and found it enough nice to give me a heart!!!!
So...thanks so much to all for ALL YOUR LOVE!!!!!!!

domenica 23 agosto 2009


This morning I got up with some really nice ideas and inspirations...
Sp I decided to start to work immediately on some new pouches...
Ok...I'm making another Panda pouch that seems people like it so much and I'm so happy for this!
But...I also love birds, owls, sheeps and so...I'm making some pouches with them too!
I love so much to create new things, starting with a plain piece of fabric and ending with something of special!!!
It's amazing how our brain give it the basical idea and "she" do the rest!!! LOL!!! the next few days I'll list those pouches in my Etsy shop and hope to find someone that will love them...
Would you like to help me to find some nice names for those news pouches?
The sheep, bird and owl ones?
And...if you have some ideas for new subjects for my pouches too, please, feel free to post them here!!!
I'd love to hear from you all!
Thanks so much and now...I'm going back to my sewing room!!!
Happy Sunday to you all!!!!

sabato 22 agosto 2009 cool!

Are you bored about this heat?

really too much hot now...

Are you thinking of those beatiful sunny days in winter, when the air is fresh, the sky is blue and you can drink a hot chocolate with your friends?

And...are you crazy for GREY????'s time to start to think what you can wear in winter that is cool, classy and that can keep you warm...

Those are my 2 items for a grey and classy winter:

my "Shades of Grey" scarflette and my Grey crochet necklace that could be wear in lots of differents ways.
You can find them in my Etsy shop!

My grey scarflette is actually featured in this great blog too: