lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

Snowy Crochet Cowl Tutorial

Hello and happy Monday to all!!!!
Yesterday we have had a loooooooot of snow and so...I finished my crochet cowl...
Just in time for wear it today to go to's warm, soft, cozy and...perfect for winter!!!!

It's easy and fast to make so, I decided to write here my own pattern, in case someone would like to make it too...

I used a very bulky yarn and a N  (10mm ) crochet hook.
Gauge is not critical for this project...

Chain 55 and join with  slip stitch.
As you surely will use another kind of yarn, measure the chain around your neck, it should be large enough to be confortable but not too big otherwise it will not keep you warm.
You are working in the round so, try very hard to not twist your chain.
Chain 2 and then Half Double Crochet in any chain till the end of the row, join with slip stitch.
Go ahead in this way until your piece measures about 9" (22.5 cm).
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Now, chain 75 and fasten off.
Using a security pin, pull your chain through your stitches, at about 1.5" from the top of your cowl and...TADAAAAAA!!!!
You're done!!!
You're now ready to go outside and...stay warm in a cold winter!!!!!
Happy Crocheting!!!!
XOXO, Dany

domenica 29 gennaio 2012

Baby it's Cold Outside...

As an old song' sang it's really cold outside...
We got the very first snow of the season...
It's strange as we are already on the 29th of January but...this is exactly what I saw this morning when I got up...
Everything is white and silented...
Snow all around...
And does not seem to have any intention to quit...
We have about 35 cm till now...'s still snowing...
We are having our...Christmas in January...LOL!!!
What about the weather where you are?
Have a nice Sunday!!!!!
XOXO, Dany

venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Rugs love...

Image via Inhabitots
 Hello my friends!!!
How are you today?
Here in the north of Italy it's a sunny day this morning but...clouds are near...
We are expecting snow for tomorrow and Sunday...the very first snow this winter here...
We will see...

In the meantime...I'm looking for some new project to do and...I founf this looooovely round crochet rug, made using T-shirts yarn...

As I've already told you, I fell in love for this kind of yarn, especially because you can re-use old t-shirt intead of gettin them away...

This rug is on sale but I think it's should be easy enough  to replicate it...
And...working with T-shirt yarn that is very bulky...I think it's also a quick project...the kind of project I like the most...quick, easy!!!
Have to try this!!!!
Are you working on some new project and would like to share it with me?
Please, post a comment here, I would be happy to hear from you!!!!

Happy Friday to you all!!!!

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

Once upon a time...

Image via Trainspotters

...few olds wooden fruit crates...
They were forgotten in a dark cellar or abandoned in a attic...
But one day, a very creative person (a woman I'm sure LOL!!!), found them and decided to give them life!!!
So...they became a wonderful modular shelving with wheels:

Image via Remodelista
Or a simply essential bookshelf...
Images via Featherandbranch

Or this beautiful one...
Image via Lonelycactusflower
A desktop storage box...
Image via Web
Or a rustic outdoor shelve...
Image via Web
Or a french Fruit Crate decorating your table...
Image via Dreamywhite

I love when old things can be re-used and became something wonderful and so unusual!!!
I'm going to ask to hubby to make one for my sewing room...
It should be wonderful to have one of these shelves, painted in white, shabby chic look, filled with my fabrics, threads and all my crafting...

What do you think?
Do you like them?
Have a nice day!!!

lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

What you can do with...T-Shirts...

Via Craftpassion
How are you today?
A new week is far the week end is??? LOL!!!
Well...lately I discovered T-Shirt Yarn...probably you already know it but for me amazing discovery!!! LOL!!!
I never tought a old T-shirt could be recicled and became something amazing!!!!
So...I found this great tutorial that shows you how to make T-shirt yarns HERE.
Now...needless to say that I'm starting collect old T-shirts from family, friends, colleagues...someone that walk on the road...LOL...anyone has old T-shirts so...anyone could help!!!! LOL!!!!
Via Makeandgogirl
Then, I started to search through the web some amazing projects I could do with this yarn... can make a very fashionable scarf...
Via Creativejewishmom
Giant Crochet Doily Rugs...I absolutely fell in love for these...I'm trying to collect some yarns for make one of this...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!
But you can simply decide to give a new look to a boring pair of T-shirts...this project is amazing!!!
Via Craftershours

Or try something easier but equally pretty!!!!!!
This is my choice can make...almost anything I think with your T-shirts...LOL!!!!
Did you ever make something with old T-shirts?
Please, let me know, I would love to hear about your projects!!!!!
Have a nice day!!

venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

Feeling Down...

Via Web
Hello My Friends!!!
How are you?
I simply...feel this sad puppy in the pic...

Probably anyone has similar days...I just feel down, I'm getting overwhelmed and I don't know what I can do...

I'm overwhelmed at work...lots of things to do and to remember...
I'm overwhelmed at home...lots of things to do and less free time for me...
The more things I do...the more things I still have to do...or at least...this seems to me...
In these days...all seems to be very difficult to do...also things that in other days I can accomplish in few minutes...and this give me more stress...

What a bad day today...and yesterday...and so the day before...
Hopefully, in the week end...I'll feel better...
What do you do when you are in this kind of day?
I'd love to hear some suggestions and get some help... :O)
Love, Dany

mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Hair Style

Images via Unfaithfully Yours
Hello My Friends!
How are you today?
I was browsing through the web and...found this beauty...

I absolutely fell in love for this hair style and I'm going to ask my hairdresser to make me something similar...
Ok...I don't have straight hair...mine is curly this colors and effects...
What do you think?
What's your favourite hair style?
Happy Wednesday!!!!

domenica 15 gennaio 2012

Do you like Shabby Homes?

Via Web
Love all the white, wood, pastels colors, light...
I'm thinking to redo some rooms in my house and I'm trying to find inspirations for this...
We have a guests room that is in the attic, the ceiling is made of wood and so I think it's perfect for try this...
What do you think?
Which is your favourite home style?
Have a lovely Sunday my dear friends!!!!!

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

New PDF Pattern in my shop

Hello my friends!!!!
I'm happy to show you the new PDF pattern I've created.

If you like to go ouside for a nice walk, surely this Happy Walking Double Zipper Case is perfect for you!

Whether you decide to go out for a walk or just to the grocery store, you know how bulky your big bag could be...

This small but roomy, lightweight and beautiful case can hold everything you need without hindering your walk.

It has 2 zippers, each for a different pocket to keep for example keys separated by phone or by money , cards...

The pattern also include a version without including eyelets for the strap if you'd prefere.
You can find it in my Etsy Shop.

Have a nice day!

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

Something for myself...

Hello My friends!!!!
How are you doing?
Holidays season is now only a memory...and "normal" life is back again...
I've had few days off to work last week and so I decided to make finally something for myself...
With all the handmade Xmas gifts for family and friends, orders from my shop, swaps...I haven't had the chance to make something for me in a very long time...
So, I made this cute Granny Basket Tote.
I love the way it turned out, so bright and colorful and perfect for keep my crochet yarns...
Love it!!!!!
Then, I made myself a so cute and useful polar fleece poncho...
I had in mind to make it for so long time and now finally it's done!
I follow a very easy but great tutorial, you can find it HERE.
I embroidered two cute birds and changed a bit the pattern adding a binding all around.
It's so soft and warm and...when this morning I got up and I discovered that the boiler was not playing and there were more or less than 16 degrees in the house ... I was happy to use it for the first time ...LOL!!!
It's so soft and smooth and it's like to have someone who holds you in a warm hug... :O)
Last but not least...I bought myself a gift...A cute crochet book and it was delivered in my mailbox this morning...YAY!!!!!
I've already found some nice project that inspires me...
It's nice to occasionally spend a little of our time to ourselves and gratify with something that makes us happy ...
What makes you happy?
Love, Dany

sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Happily Crocheting

Hello My Friends!!!
How are you today?
Holidays season is almost endend and I'm enjoying my latest days off to work...
So...I'm going ahead with my Granny Basket Tote project...
I love the way the panels are turning out and I'm thinking that they should be perfect for a blanket too!!!!
Surely the granny basket is a smaller project and so easier to make and finish but I have a blanket in my future of crochet for sure!!!! LOL!!!!

So, what project are you doing right now?
I'd love to hear from you!!!
Happy Saturday!!!!
Love, Dany

giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

Blueberries in the Field Giveaway!!!

Hello My Friends!!!!
How are you?
Today I would love to let you know about Monique of Blueberries in the Fields' Giveaway.
She's generously Giving Away one of hers wonderful Muffinpie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can ask her to customize it for you!!!!!
So, please, visit her wonderful blog HERE.
And...give yourself a chance to win this beauty!!!!
Thanks Monique!!!

But...this is not all...
I discovered Monique's Blog some times ago and I found a very nice,sweet and very talented Lady and a new friend!!!!!
I entered her December Giveaway and..I was the lucky winner!!!
Yesterday I've got her parcel and...there are the treasuries I found in it:

All was wonderfully and accurately wrapped and the smell of lavender is magic!!!
A cute crochet case filled with a lavender pillow...and a Candy Cane!!!
Beautiful Crochet Scrubbies!!!!!! I love the way she wrapped them!!!!
A lovely Christmas card and...the most beautiful tiny snow men!!!!!!!!! he's adorable!!!!!!!
So, thank you so much Monique for this gift, it's so special and you really made my day!!!!!!
Love, Dany

lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

New Year...New Project!

Hello my friends!!!!
How are you?
Did you have a nice end a great new start of the year???
I hope you did!!!!
Every year, the firsts days are so busy planning and dreaming about what we would like to do this year...
Finish old projects, start new ones, new challenges, improve something or try something new...
Doesn't matter how many of these projects will find a nice is always nice to plan them!

So, my crafty new year starts with a new crochet project...
I chose something nice and easy and I decided to make it with my friend Nico.
She lives enough far from here should be nice to do the same project at the same time and share each others progressess...
I found this nice Granny Basket on a crochet magazine bag and I chose the yarns...
My basket will looks  a little  different to the one on the magazine as I decided to use leftovers yarns from my stash!
This is a great project for do this!!!
I've already started to crochet the 1st block and I'm having so much fun!
So...can't wait to go ahead with this project!!!
And...what about you?
Are you planning some new project or do you already started one?
I would love to hear from you!!!
Happy Crafting and Happy New Year to you all!!!!
Love, Dany