sabato 28 novembre 2009

New lariats in my shop!

Hi to all!
I've added 2 new crochet lariat in my shop.
The 1st one is a wonderful blue/purple wool.
In the pics it seems blue's not pure blue, is a mix of purple and blue, more purple really.
So...if you like those colors, this one is perfect for you.
It goes perfectly with grey that is a must this year!

The second one is really different, this yarn is soooo soft and fuzzy and it looks sooo stylish!!!
It has shades of green and cream, really goes with anything's also very warm!
But I always have the grey one that is a best selling in my shop, they are perfect for Christmas gifts too!!!
Hope you'll like them!!!

7 commenti:

  1. love the purple one too and the photo of the robin reminde dme of home sweet home in canada (i am a canadian living in australia).... ahhh the winter. XOX M.

  2. thanks Ave!!!!
    Thanks EcoMilf!
    wow EcoMilf...Canada and Australia, you are so lucky, 2 wonderful places!!!!!

  3. Ah! La prima mi piace da impazzire! Ottima idea!! ^_^

  4. Ciao Dany!!!!
    bellissime...sei sempre unica!!! ;-)


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