sabato 31 dicembre 2011

Happy 2012!!!


May your 2012 be filled of:
Good Healt,

Happy New Year to you all my dear Friends!!!!
Love, Dany



venerdì 30 dicembre 2011

Handmade Cards

Hello my friends!!!!!
I hope that you all have had a joyful, happy, merry and fun Christmas!!!!
Now that finally all my gifts reached theyr destinations, I can show you the homemade Christmas Cards I made this year...
I was bored about buy Xmas cards so...I tried to make them myself!
Let me say that...I'm not a card maker at all or...a scrappy girl so...I didn't have much clues about making cards...
I took white and red cardboard, ribbons, threads, buttons, card tags that I've found online for free and...this is the result!
Cut a seam of the cardboard with my zigzag rotary cutter, sewed ribbons and tags and glued buttons...
Surely I can't say they were Amazing or Gorgeous or Wonderful...
But I can say they were nice and pretty and...above all, they were made with  the heart, not in series and having in mind every person to whom they were intended...
I wish you all a nice day!!!!

sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Christmas Lights

Hello my friends!!!
This afternoon  we went in town for a nice walk throught the lights, shops, people and music everywhere!
We got a hot chocolate with cream and I took some pictures for you...

I wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!
Love, Dany

Merry Christmas...Eve...

To you all my friends!!!!!!!
Love, Dany

giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

Reindeers are busy...

Via Web
...this period of the year...
They are trying to have all the things and checks done for the Big Night...
Last days of rest for them and then...a really big but important job is waiting for them...being Santa Claus' helpers!!!!!
Love, Dany

martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Waiting for Santa...

Hello my friends!!!
Could you believe there are only 5 days left to Christmas???
Wow...I can't...
Anyway...all around the house is ready for...Santa...
The cookies was baked (see them in my previous post) and all the ornaments are up...
In the picture above you can see how we decorate our stairs...
It's a simple decor but really nice especially in the evening when the little lights are on.
I'll try to take a pic of them too...
This year I made all my Christmas Tree decorations so I didn't have time to make other ornaments and so I displayed around the house all my "old" ones...
This is a Christmas table runner I made 2 years ago, I love it with the Reindeers and the Christmas Embroidery in the center...
My table is soooo big and so it's a big table runner...LOL!!!
Above you can see my Santa's Wall Hanging, the pattern is from a Art to Heart book.
I love it because it make me smile everytime I look at it...
This surely is my "oldest" one, I made it about 15 years ago...
It's hand cross stitched and I rember it was so hard cross stitch with metallic threads...they break soooo often and sooo easily...LOL!!!
When I made it, I wans't able to sew at all so I did the hand embroidery and my Mom sewed the panel with the back and the binding...

I was so proud of it, my first big project...
It says "Buon Natale" (Merry Christmas in italian language) and every letter has a cute Xmas symbol...a Xmas tree, a Candy Cane, a Xmas Wreath, an Angel, a comet, a camel...I remember that it took me lots of time to made it but I've had lots of fun!!!!
My Christmas Wreat for welcome friends and family during holiday season and my Reindeers panel...
Both bright and happy...LOL!!!
My cute little Gingerbread Man...made of felt 2 years ago...
It's up in the house all year long...
I love to have something Christmas-sy...always up! :O)
Christmas Birds House, made of a Debbie Mumm pattern several years ago...
But...I still love it...
Love all the details on it...
And finally...something not handmade but...equally nice...
The Christmas ball was a gift of my Mom, it has also a carillon that plays a Christmas music.
And the little red glass, is a candle holder, is painted by hand and was a gift from my Sister, she bought it in the north...if I remember well in Vienna more times ago...

Well, these are my Christmas treasuries, hope you liked the tour through my house...
Happy Holidays!!!!

lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

Cookies for Christmas

Hello my friends!!!
How are you today?
Hope your Holidays season is going well!
This is my favourite time of the year...Ornaments, Christmas Tree, Christmas songs, make gifts for family and friends...

I'm used to bake Christmas cookies every year during Holiday  season and so I did yesterday!
Last year I baked Gingerbread cookies...I loooove the smell all around the house when they are baking and I love theyr taste!
But, unfortunately...hubby doesn't like so much spiced cookies so this year I baked some very easy but delicious cookies, not spiced...LOL!!!

I would like to share my recipe with you as it's so easy and anybody will love them!!!
This is what you need:
Cookies cutters with Christmas shapes...
Mines are Gingerbread Man, Star, Chritmas Tree, Reindeer and Heart can chose the shape you prefere!

500 gr all purpose flour
150 gr granulated white sugar
150 gr unsalted butter
1 teaspoon backing powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

Quickly knead all ingredients by hand or with the help of a mixer.
Form a ball and put it into the refrigerator for about half an hour.
Then, with the help of a rolling pin, roll out the dough to a thickness of about 3 mm and cut out the biscuits with the help of molds.
Bake cookies in preheated oven at 180°  for about 10/12 minutes.
And...TADAAAAAAAA...this is what you'll get:

You can decorate them if you wish but I prefere them "naturals".

They are perfect served with hot tea...

But also... eaten one after the other while watching TV or reading a book...LOL!!!
Love, Dany

domenica 18 dicembre 2011

One week left to Christmas!!!

Hello my friends!!!
How are you today?
It's unbelievable but...there is only 1 week left to flew... :O)
So, all around the house is ready...
Finally, this year, I was able to "rebuilt" my Christmas tree and make it...crafty!!!
I crocheted some white garland, about 25 ans tied them with a red ribbon...
Then I embroidered with my embroidery machine about 30 white laces...and made a cute heart for the top of my tree...
I bought some white and red balls (but now I found a way to make them with yarns too so maybe next year...) and a white big ribbon with snowy trees printed...
I've added some cute little lights and...TADAAAAA...this is the result!
I have to say that I'm in love for my new Christmas tree and...a special thanks to my hubby because I made all the ornaments but...HE "dressed" the tree... :O)
Are your ornaments and trees all up?
I'll show you the other ornaments in my house in the next post.
Now...I'm going to make some Christmas cookies!!!!
Happy Sunday!!!!!

mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

My Christmas

Hello my friend!!!!
I would like to wish you a nice Wednesday with a fun collage of Christmas images.
Love, Dany

martedì 13 dicembre 2011

Christmas Giveaway Winner!!!

Hello my friends!!!!!
Well, first of all, thank you so much for taking part in my Giveaway!!!!

Here...there is the winner, Comment n# 23 : FAITH76.
So, congratulations to Faith and...for all the others, don't desperate...I'll have other Giveaways soon, just be sure to follow my blog for don't miss them!!!!!
Love, Dany

sabato 10 dicembre 2011

Christmas Giveaway!!!

Hello my friends!!!!
How are you?

It's time for my Christmas Giveaway!!!!
The prize is the PDF Sewing Pattern  of my "Fleece and Fabric" Infinity Scarf.
You can see it in the picture above.

The Giveaway is open from today (Saturday 10th December) till Monday 12th December.
The winner will be designated on Tuesday 13th December and the pattern will be sent to the winner by email the same day'll still have time to make some Christmas Gifts!!!

The rules are sooooo easy... :O)
Just leave a comment here, leaving also your email address if you are a NO-REPLY blogger and
If you like my blog, I would be happy to have you as a follower too but...this is NOT a RULE... :O)
You can tweet this Giveaway, post it on your Blog, Facebook, share it with friends, anything is welcome!!!

If you would like to see more patterns, you can find them HERE in my Etsy Shop.

Please, only ONE entry for each one.
The Giveaway is open worldwide and EVERYONE is welcome!!!

Enjoy this Giveaway and...Good Luck!!!!

venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

A Peek at my Christmas Tree

Hello my friends!!!!
How are you today?
Yesterday was the 8th of December and so the day that every year we "dress" our Christmas Tree...
This is just a peek, I have other pics to show you with the other ornaments in my house but today I'm in a hurry... :O(
I'll write a better post in the week end but...I would love to show you it now!!! :O)
Have a wonderful day!!!!
Love, Dany

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Christmas Around The World

Via Web
 Hello and Happy Sunday to all!
I love to collect images about Christmas and so I decided to make some mosaics like this one in the next days, just for put me in the right Christmas Spirit!
Enjoy them!
Love, Dany

sabato 3 dicembre 2011

A White Christmas

Hello my friends!
How are you today?
I'm still busy sewing and crafting my Christmas presents and tree ornaments!!!
This year I decided to go with a White Christmas for my tree, this means that I'm making white or ivory ornaments and then I'll add some red balls...
So...ok...white and red Tree...LOL!!!!
I put my crochet ornaments in a jar while I was making them and I found it was a nice idea...
The jar looks pretty on my sewing room...

Today I finished to crochet them, I crochet 25 little garland, they are just tooooo pretty, easy and fun to crochet!
I found the pattern on THIS BLOG. many threads to weave in end and cut...LOL...

But...I've already did was a very busy day...LOL!!!!

Now I need to add some colors with ribbons to my garlands and found a way to hang them on my tree...
Also my machine embroidered laces are done but they still need to be put in the water but...this will be another post...LOL!!!! full enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, this is my new manicure for the holidays... :O)

Happy week end to you all and...I'd love to hear from you about yours Christmas preparations!!!!