domenica 27 febbraio 2011

Laura Beth is here!

Hi and Happy Sunday to all!!!
Well...the mistery is work in progress was...LAURA BETH!
Laura Beth is a cute little girl dressing a ladybug costume and she is a wonderful Amigurumi Pattern by Owlishly.
I fell in love with her immediately and I NEEDED to try it!!!

As this actually is my second try at an amigurumi pattern...I'm happy with the result!

I think I have to let you know that...AMIGURUMI are soooo addicting...when you learn how to make can't just stop to make them...LOL!!!!

I've already find a gazillion of other super cute patterns and...I can't wait to make them!!!'s Sunday but...I have to iron a mountain of clothes...sob...sob...
I think I'll skip some of them and...I'll start a new pattern!!!!

So...what are you doing today?

Happy Sunday to you all my friends!!!!

venerdì 25 febbraio 2011

A work in progress...

Hi and Happy Friday to you all!!!
if you are following me a already know about my totally new passion for crochet...
Well...this is my work in progress of the week...

Would you like to try to guess what it will be at the end?
I can give you a little's an amigurumi "critter"...
It's super cute can flies...
No more clues now...
What is it?

giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

Too much sweet

Via Web

No words are necessary for those cuties!!!! :O)

Happy Day to all!!!

domenica 20 febbraio 2011

Waiting for Spring...

Via Web

Hi and good Sunday to all!

Today here it's cloudy and grey and so I decided to find some bright and happy images that remind me Spring...

Hope you like my selection!

sabato 19 febbraio 2011

My Grandma sooooo old shawl...

This is the shawl my Grandma made for my Mom more than 30 years ago...
It's soooo old or...soooo vintage if you'd prefere...LOL!!! Mom is used to wear this shawl almost every day in winter when for example she needs to go outside maybe in the garden to pick something or to the garage or maybe when she reads or watches television on the couch...
I have to say that probably this shawl was not made with the most wonderful yarn of the world, in fact I think my Grandma used an inexpensive yarn but this shawl is soooo resistant...
My Mom wash it once a week in the washing machine's still here... Mom would like to have a new one and she knows that I'm a very expert crocheter (more than 2 weeks ago I started learning crochet...LOL) she asked me to make her a new shawl following the patter of this one...
I watched it and studied it a bit doesn't seems too much difficult to duplicate... much time it will requires?
Does someone of you ever made a shawl like this?
This morning we bought a nice and inexpensive yarn (as I'm not sure I will be able to make it)...and...I'm going to start it!
So, please, wish me good luck!!!!
Have a nice Saturday!!!!

venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

4 seasons swap!

Some years ago I met 3 wonderful Girls through the Web: Nico, Chiara and Simo.
We immediately became great friends also if we live in 4 differents regions in Italy...

But, every year we try to organize a meeting for spend a bit of time together, usually a couple of days sewing, chatting, eating, laughing!
And...every day, we exchange emails!!!
We all are a bit crazy and...we are crafters!
We created a group and so we are C4P (that means Crazy For Patch).

Now...we organized a swap between us...a 4 season swap!
We already did the winter swap and now we are ready to prepare something nice and cute for the Spring one!

Chiara made this wonderful image for remember us the swap, thanks Chiara!!!!
I love you all so much my dear Crazy friends!!!!!

giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

Nail Art:part two

Did i tell you that...I'm crazy about Nail Art?
ok...this is how my nails actually look like...
I'll have them in this way for a month now and after...who can know? LOL!!!
The pic doesn't make justice to the colors...they are a blu violet with silver cute!
Have a nice day!

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

Fabric Postcard

I've just made and sent this cute Fabric Artistic Postcard (FAP) for a swap...hope my recipient will like it!

Faps are soooo much fun to make and you can mail them as normal postcards...
just add the address and the stamp on the back and...voilà...they are ready to "fly" all ower the world!!!

I love to make them and it always make me so happy when I find one of them in my mail!!!!
Have a nice day!!!
Do you like them?
Did you ever make them?

lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

I have the pleasure to introduce you...

This cute and sweet little giraffe is my VERY FIRST attempt to make a amigurumi...
I have to say that...I'm so happy with the result...
I just fell in love for amigurumi and when I found this super cute pattern at Irene Shop ...I can't resist!!!
Surely...Fumy will not be alone for long time...I have to try something else immediately...too much fun!!!!

I think Amigurumi are great for gifts and also for have some hours of fun crocheting!!
Yesterday I made this with a friend and we chatted all the afternoon and laughed so much as it was the 1st attempt for both of us!

Hope you like my tiny giraffe!!!!

Thanks Irene for this super cute pattern!!!

Have a nice day!!!

sabato 12 febbraio 2011

I feel yellow!!!


Hi and good Saturday to all!!

Today I need to see bright colors and for me...yellow is the brighest one...

I love yellow, it makes me so happy and make me in the right mood when I see it...

So...hope you like my yellow selection!

martedì 8 febbraio 2011

Learn to crochet: part two

this is what I learn last week about crocheting!
I just love those small squares!
Ok...I know...there aren't perfect...they are so far to the perfection but, anyway...I'm proud of what I teached to myself... mind is flying thinking of what I could do with those squares...
My first tought was...a afghan...
Usually...when I start new projects...I'm not able to make things easy and quick...I always have to start something big and very time consuming...
And so... I have soooo much UFO's...LOL!!!!
But...those squares seems to be perfect for a blanket or afghan...what do you think? the meantime I'll work on them...I would love to make some crochet flowers...I found some very nice patterns to try...
I'll let you know!!!
Now...going crocheting... :O)

lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

A spring-y Sunday

yesterday here was an incredibly wonderful, sunny and warm day!
In seemed really spring...
How nice after all the cold...
So we decided to go out for a nice walk and I took some pictures of the nice things I saw...
I love that house surounded by the pine peaceful...the perfect location for relax or for...crafting...

In the 3 small pictures you can see:
1. Giant Bamboo...they are amazing!!!!
2. An old church on the top of the ill, friars still live there and every Sunday morning they celebrate the Mass.
3. A big house behind the old can only see the tower but it's not a's a very old house. I hope to be able one day to see the whole house... :O)

And finally, this last picture, I played a bit with it's not 50 years ago...just yesterday...
This is another big church surrounded by the houses of the town.
Also this one is on the hill, the storical part of the town...
Hope you liked my little tour...
Have a nice start of the week!!!

sabato 5 febbraio 2011

This week end: Learn to crochet

Hi to all!!!'s Saturday again!!!!
It was a very hard week at work for me and so...I need to relax and the better way I know for relax myself my crafts!!!

Well...this week end I NEED to teach myself to crochet!!!
I absolutely LOVE all the wonderful things you can create with some colorful yarns and a crochet hook...amazing!!!

So, this morning I went to the open market and I bought some cute and colorful yarns, then I found some crochet hooks that I already have (they came from my Grandma...) and...I'm ready to start!

It's so hard here around to find someone that teach crochet so...I found some video lessons on you tube, I bought a book...I found some tutorial on internet and some easy pattern and...3...2...1...LET'S GO!!!!

I'll keep you posted about my progress...

Did someone of you learn to crochet in this way? do you think it's possible?

If you have any tips or suggestions for me, please, post them here, they surely will be so helpful!!!

I have to say that both my Grandmothers were so good in crochet and also in knitting but...when I was a child...I was not interested at all to learn this...

So...I'm really so disappointed with myself my Grandmathers passed away and I loose forever the possibilty to learn from them...

Ok...I'm ready to start my full immersion...
Which plans do you have for this week end?
Have you all a wonderful week end!!!!

mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

What a mess...

Ummm...This morning I decided to try to crochet a bit...I've in mind the Granny square so...I found a nice ball of cotton yarn and...took my crochet hook...I was ready...nothing of more easy isn't it???

Ok...but...I started the ball in the wrong way (now...I know it was the wrong way...) and can see what I have in my hands...
I need to make the ball again but...I'm not able to do it at all... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Any suggestions please?
I know, I know...I'm more than a quilter and sewer than a crocheter (is this the right words?) but...this should be really so much fun if I don't need to crochet now...LOL!!!
Have a nice day!!!

martedì 1 febbraio 2011

What a day...!!!

I've had a very...busy day today...
I got up early this morning after a night of...not very good sleep and...this doens't help at all...

I've had my usual breakfast: milk with corn flakes and fruit...I can't imagine to start my day eating a different breakfast...
I eat this kind of breakfast since...mmm...well...I can't remember but I think more than 20 years for sure!!! wow...soooo long time...maybe it's time to change...LOL!!!!

At this point...I was ready for go to the office...
I'm a secretary and today, one of my colleagues didn't come to work because, poor her, she got the flu...
So...I knew that I must do my work and...her work...poor me... :O(
As I had lots of things to do...I didn't have my break for lunch...just ate my yogurt working...

After...9,5 HOURS of...NONSTOP job...I was totally ready for my lesson of step...1 hour of very hard me!!!!

Then came back home and...cook dinner for hubby and me...

Washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen...

Got a wonderful, powerful and relaxing HOT shower...

Blogging a bit...

And now...I'm totally ready to go to

Hope your day was less busy than mine...but...if you are a wasn't...LOL!!!
Good night my friends!!!!

And the winner is...

The lucky winner of my Strawberry Tote PDF Pattern Giveaway is... Chiara C.

Well...a BIG thank you to all the wonderful girls who partecipate, thanks for your time and for your comments!!!!

And...if you like my blog, please, continue to follow me...I'll have other giveaways soon!!!!!