giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

Flickr Favourites: Fall is all around us!!!

Bulit Photography ;maryn0503 ; Lone Rock ; Kell707

Hi to all!
I found those awesome pics on Flickr and would love to share them with you!
I love fall with the awesome colors of the leaves, pumpkins, blue sky!!!
Enjoy this beautiful fall!!!!

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

A quilt for my Dad:part two

Hi to all!
This morning I got up early, I did my housework, I cooked something for dinner (as for lunch I'm alone at home and I only eat a yogurt so...I don't need to cook...LOL) and I started to work on my Dad's quilt.
I worked on it since five minutes ago and...I think it's turning out nice...
Now...the blocks are only layered on the floor, I need to sew them together but...I think I chose the right colors...
What do you think?
Have a nice day!!!!

martedì 27 ottobre 2009

Find on Etsy for you:Studio Danale Shop

Hi to all!
Today I found this cute shop on Etsy for you: Studio Danale - unique nursery decor.
It's full of very nice and sweet items for our babies room, beautiful and delicate designs and pastels colors!
I just love it!
Please, go and visit it!!!!

domenica 25 ottobre 2009

A quilt for my Dad: part one

Hi to all!
About 3 weeks ago my Dad fell bad in the middle of the night...
we immediately called the emergency and they brought him to the hospital and the diagnosis was...heart attack...

You can imagine how much scared we were and also...very very angry... Dad is a very active man, he doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doens't eat too much and only homemade food...he walks very much and does lots of different activities so...we really didn't understand how is possible to get an heart attack in this way...

After few hours...the doctors said that probably it was not an heart attack and we were so happy to hear this but...anyway...they said that he has a heart valve very damaged and...he needs a surgery for to change this valve... are so much scary heart surgery is something that is not very easy to manage... Dad is waiting for the surgery...we are waiting that the Doctor will tell us when it will be possible to do it but...he needs to have it...soon... this period...I'm really so worry but...I would not like that my Dad "see" my worries and so I try to be happy and relaxed...when I'm with him...

But inside of me...I don't feel in this way...

Anyway...I decided to make him a quilt...I would love to give it to him while he will be at the hospital, after the surgery...
And surely...this quilt will be so useful when he will come back home as he will have a period of recovering at home and...winter is so close...
So, hopefully, this quilt will keep him warm loved...

I started my quilt today.
I chose tu put on it Deers, my Dad is an hunter but...he loves Deers...
So...I fused some Deers' shape on the back of brown fabrics and I cut them...
Now, I'm going to sew them on my central blocks.
In the next days, I'll work on his quilt and...I'll post here more pics about my progress...
Thanks for take the time to read this!!!
I wish you all a nice Sunday!!!!

venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

A new Giveaway!!!!

Do you like giveaway???

I do!!!

And so...I'm having a new one on Boutique Stitches' Blog!

If you like my crochet lariat and would like to have a chance to win it...just click here and follow some simple rules could be the winner!!!
Thanks for partecipating!!!

And the winner is...

Hi to all!

my 1st giveaway is ended.
Sandra of the Pepperberry & Co was so kind to host a giveaway on her beautiful blog and...the lucky winner of one of my 4in1 cases is...tadaaaaaaaa...
Thanks so much to Sandra and to all the partecipants and thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my items!!!!!!

sabato 10 ottobre 2009


Hi to all!!
This week end I'm celebrating my can't believe this...they are already...38!!!!!
My birthday will be Monday, 12th of October and so in this week end I would love to run a sale in my shop.

You can choose anything you want and...I'll aplly a 20% off on the total amount of the order!

The only thing you have to do is to be a follower of this blog and mention on the notes of the order "birthday sale".
Then...wait for a revised invoice!!!!

The sale started today Saturday 10th October and will end Monday 12th October at midnight!

Thanks and...hope to get lots of sales this week end!!!!

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

A little gift for Mom

My Mom few days ago bouhgt herself a new cell phone because the old one broke...
I tought that it should be nice if she also have a new cell phone holder!

So...I took some piece of wool, felt, embroidery threads and I made for her this one!
Today I'm going to give it to her and...I really hope she'll like it!!!
I'm a bit nervous... :O)
What do you think?
Does she'll like it?

domenica 4 ottobre 2009

My creative space

I know...every the same story...

I need to start soon my Xmas gifts, I love to make them and not to buy them but...they requires lot of time and lot of work but...I enjoy every minutes while I'm making them!
But...also this year...I started...LATE!!!!
Today my creative space is dedicated to the making of my 1st Xmas gift for this year!!! sewing and embroidering ready to start!!!!

If you'd like to play to this game too, please, visit the Kootoyoo's blog!

venerdì 2 ottobre 2009

Dylan Dog celebrates my birthday!!!!

Hi to all!!!
Well...I know...the theme of this post sounds a bit...crazy so...I start to the beginning...

Probably most of you doens't know Dylan Dog, especially the not italian readers of this blog...

Dylan Dog is a nightmare's investigator! understood right!!!
He works every day with ghosts, monsters, death people, sometimes also aliens...his cases are always so strange and much more strange is the people he meets...

He has a very funny assistant, he's the copy of Groucho Marx and he's funny and crazy like him too!

But Dylan...oh...he's a beautiful old boy...he always fell in love with some wonderful girl...he had lots of girls and...he really loved them all!!!

Every time!!!!

It's a boy's hard to find now...especially in the real life...

At this point, you surely know that he's not a real person but...a comic...

Every month in the newspaper kiosk you can find a new adventure of this fascinating always young boy!


I have 196 of those books and so this means that I started to read it more then 16 years ago!!!

I just fell in love with him the 1st time I found his little book in the kiosk and...never stopped to read it, month after month...year after year! can easly understand my surprise and my...happyness today!!!

I went to the local shop for buy my copy of the book, I took it, I paid it and...when I went outside on the road...I took a look at the cover of this month ...and...WOW!!!!!!

It says...12 OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! birthday it's exactly the...12th of October!!!!!!!!!!!! says also "The day of the werewolf" so my hubby is a bit worry about this...LOL!!!


I can't believe this!!!

Yes...ok...I know he's not really celebrating my birthday but...I would like to think he is!!!!!!

So...thank you Dylan for this great birthday gift!!!

It's the 1st one for me this year...and I get more others in the next few days!!!!

Thanks to all for reading and maybe'd like to know more about Dylan too!!!!