martedì 29 settembre 2009

Featured on Pepperberry & Co and Give Away!!!

Good morning every one!!!

I'm so happy to let you know that today I'm featured in a wonderful blog called Pepperberry & Co.

Sandra's blog is full of very interesting post and also great tutorials and every Tuesday she features an Etsy Seller that inspires her in a series called Tuesday Tales!

Today...she chose me and my shop!

Please, take a look at the interview and also...partecipate into the give away!

This is my first one and I'm offering one of my 4in1 cases of your choice.

The one you can see here below it's just an example but feel free to browse my shop and let me know which one is your favourite.

For partecipate in this give away, you must be a follower of this blog, then go to Pepperberry & Co. blog, post a comment there about your favourite 4in1 and became a follower of the Pepperberry & Co. blog too!
And please, don't forget to visit Sandra's shop too, you'll find lots of wonderful items there!!!
Thanks and...good luck!!!!

12 commenti:

  1. Danyyyyyyyy!!!! cavolo che bellloooooo!!!! un'intervista tutta tua!!! su di teeeeee!!!!!
    Sei forte Dany!
    Un bacio

  2. ma come ho fatto a perdermi il tuo blog sinora???? capperi, ma mi rifaccio subito...interessantissima intervista ma soprattutto splendidi i blog ^_^

  3. Your crafts are awesome! I especially love the applique work that you do! They are so adorable!!

  4. in bocca al lupo, bella l'intervista, belli i colori, le forme, tutto! si respira una buonissima aria e tanta energia nel tuo negozietto! segui anche me, e il mio blog, baci, Stef

  5. Just stopping by to follow you! I love that little pouch, and I will be very sad if I don't win...=)

    Jacky at {This Time Around}

  6. hey!!! grazie mille per i vostri carinissimi commenti!!!!

    Hey! thanks so much for your lovely comments!!!!

  7. hello i just follow ur blog :) and i just viist ur shop.. i love them all. its all cool..


  8. hello ! beautiful little case, and a very good idea. i just follow your blog and i love them all. would be happy to win any of them !
    check out my blog, i am having a giveaway too !

  9. Hi Dany, your shop is lovely as is your blog design. Even though we're enjoying spring weather over here in Melbourne (Aus), I'm still wearing scarves - just love them. I wanted to let you know I think your scarflettes are very sweet. Will keep looking in from time to time!
    Kylie x

  10. HY Kylie!
    thanks soooo much for your sweet comment!
    And if you'll ever need a new scarflette...I'd be happy to sell one to you!!!

  11. Great opportunity...thank you so much!!!! I'm happy with knowing you and your crafts :)

  12. thanks so much Lilly!!! you're so kind!!!! Good luck!!!!


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