domenica 29 agosto 2010

Celebrate with me!!!!

Hi and good Sunday to all!!!
This morning I got up with a sale in my shop and...I can't wait more happy!!!!
It was my 200th SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...this make me so happy because it means that people like what I'm doing!!!

I would like to share my joy with you so, today only, I'm offering a 10% off to my whole shop!
Just put "200" in the note and wait for a revised invoice!!!

Thanks for all the love you are giving me!!!!

martedì 17 agosto 2010

I'm having a new giveaway!!!

well...finally time for another give away!!!
I'm offering to the lucky winner the possibility to win one of my can choose the one you prefere from my shop!
For take part in this give away, please, click here :
Ashely of "All things Amazing and Fun" is hosting it!!!

If you already are a follower of my blog, you can follow me on twitter:

Hope you'll enjoy this giveaway and...good luck!!!!

lunedì 16 agosto 2010

A day in the Castle...

Hi to all!
Yesterday here in Italy was a National Holiday...
Usually every year this holiday means BBQ with friends and/or family in the yard or on the mountain...
This year unfortunalt weather was not good at all...the day before rained all day long and temperatures fell down...We got up yesterday morning with a very cloudy and dark sky...

So, hubby and I decided to spend our day visitin a beautiful Castle situated in a small town at about 25 km from here, Racconigi Castle.

When we arrived there, the sky was still grey and we got some drop of was a pity as the Castle has a great and wonderful park all around...
Later...the sun will return and so we visited both the park and the Castle.

In the park, there is also a nice lake...

As you can see in the picture below, there are 2 big nests on the top of this building that was...a greenhouse...
Those are Storks nests!!!! All around there and also on the Castle you can see them!!!

Beautiful Lemons Trees welcome you on the entrance of the Castle...

And finally...if you feel particularly romanthic ( just feel tired or don't like to walk...LOL), you can also do the tour of the park with the carriage (this is what the King and the Quinn usually did...I bet they never did all the tour of the park walking...LOL)

So, I have to say that it was a nice and interesting day...a bit different of usual...
Hope you enjoyed this photograpic tour too!!!