domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Time for cookies!!!

Christmas is...just around the corner and's time for Christmas cookies!
This morning I baked my Christmas cookies, my favourites...the gingerbreads!
I love the smell in the house while you are baking them, I love to cut them in different shapes and...I love to eat them... :O)
It's not really Christmas time for me until I bake them... Christmas to all my friends!!!!

sabato 20 novembre 2010

New in my shop: gift set!

I create this gift set just in time for Christmas gifts!
There is a big size pouch or make up bag or tolietry case plus a coordinated travel tissue holder.
This one is so stylish and elegant in black, white and grey!
If you like the idea and would like to have a custom one, feel free to contact me!
Happy Saturday!!!

lunedì 15 novembre 2010

My working Sunday!

Hi to all!
Few days ago my colleague asked me to make them some things that she would like to give away as Chrsitmas Gifts...
She saw my Eco Heart Collapsible Bags and asked me 3 of them...
One was the Sheeps one as you can see in my shop.
Then she told me that she has a friend that love, love, love the green color and so...I made the one you can see in the first collage.

Then, she needs another for a friend that loves sunflower and it is:
Finally...she tolds me that she needs something really cute for a young girl, a lip balm holder that is soooo girly...
So...I made this:

What do you think?
I hope that she loves them!
Thanks for reading!!!
Happy week!!!

domenica 14 novembre 2010

Pancakes for breakfast!!!

Hi and Good Sunday to all!
This morning for breakfast...I cooked pancakes!!!!
Well...I have to say that when I see them in American movies...well...I would like to be there because I know that they are sooo yummy and...I love Maple Syrup!

So...when a friend of mines sent me the recipe some days ago...I immediately decided that I would love to try them!A
And this morning both me and hubby had more free time for enjoy they are!

And...they really tasted soooo delicious!!!!
So...if someone of you would like to try them there is the recipe:
280 gr. flavour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg
4 teaspoon melted butter
0,5 Lt milk
Put all the ingredients together into the mixer and mix them well, if you don't have the mixer, you can do it by hand.
You must end with a "cream".
At this point, put a bit of oil (or butter if you prefere) in a pot, wait a bit that is hot and put about 3 spoons of the pancakes "cream" in it.
Cook for about 1 minute (or until you can see some bubbles), then turn it and cook for another minute the other side.
And...voilà...your pancakes are ready!
Bring your maple syrup and...ENJOY YOUR MEAL!!!!!

sabato 13 novembre 2010

New in my shop!!!

Hi to all!

It's Saturday Night and I'm here in my couch...playing a bit with the computer and looking around because hubby is watching soccer on television...PUAH...!!!

Well...lately I've added some new things in my Etsy Shop and I would love to share them with you!

I would like to introduce you my new line of Eco Reusable Heart Collapsible Bags, they are so fun, useful and they make great gifts!

Ok...this is the one with the sheeps, here you can see how it looks like when it's closed:

It looks like a little cute stuffed heart!

As you can see, the whole bag collapses into it's case...

and...voilà!here we have the bag opened and as you can see, it's a really big size so you can use it as a grocery bag, fill it with books and use it for the library, go with it to the gym or the park...the possibilities are endless!!!!

You can find more in my Etsy Shop!
Hope you like them!!!
Have a great Saturday!!!!

mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

A Creative week end

Hi to all my friends!!!
As I told you in my previous post, last week end a friend of mine come here to spend the whole week end with me!

We usually do it once a year or twice if we are good enought to combine our busy lives...LOL!!!

Our week ends are creatives week ends as usually we choose one or more projects to sew together.
So, in the pic above, you can see me (on the chair busy sewing) and Luciana in the middle of one of our projects.

I chose a very cute Santa's Garland from one of the books of Nancy Halvorsen (Art to Heart) and she chose a cute panel with an unusual Xmas Tree made of Xmas Decorations.

She didn't finished it yet can't see the pics but I hope to see it finished soon.
Then we sew 2 "mannequins" and 2 little hearts bags.
As you can see, the mannequins still need the support...mine is still in the garage...hubby is working on it...he cut it on the wood, glue it and now he's waiting that the flatting will dry...
Hopefully it will be ready in a couple of days so I'll post another pic of the finished mannequin!

The week end was really soooo nice: we chatted so much, laughed and...sewed a lot!

Sunday morning we also had a little disappointing iron, the one I only use for my sewing and crafting...stopped to work...
So...we were in the middle of our mannequins without an iron...GRRRRRR!!!

Outside the weather was so cold and it rained a lot, we brought Luciana's car and we had a LONG tour...VISITING all the super markets here around for find a new iron...
After more than an hour of this "fabulous" tour...we found it and so...we come back home to sew...LOL!!!

I can't wait for our next "meeting".
Chatting together, we noticed that we both have tons of fabrics scraps, I have a box that I can't close in any way and every day...I add some piece of fabrics...
So...we decided that our next project surely will be sewing something with all our scraps...
She spoke me about the Brown Bag Quilts and I loved the idea immediately...

If you never heard about Brown Bag Quilts (like me before she explained me it...) it means that you put all your scraps in brown bags (like those you find at the grocery store), you can divide your scraps by color or simply by "tone":light, medium and dark fabrics and then put them in different bags.
When you'll start your project, you don't have to choose every fabric, if you need a medium one, you put your hand in the bag and bring a medium fabric, then you do the same for the light and dark and you use what you got from the bag...
In this way you'll can end with...a very beautiful quilt but...why not...also a very ugly one...LOL!!!
But...this is the most interesting and very fun part of this "method"'s not up to you...
What do you think of it?
Did you ever tried it?
You can apply it not only for quilts but also for scrap booking and any craft...'ll looking forward to try it with my friend!!!!

venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

YAY!!!! The week end is here!!!!

finally, after a long and not very happy week...the week end is starting!!
I have to say that Friday night is my favourite night of the week...the week end is just around the corner and all seems to be possible Friday night...
It's like Christmas Eve for me...
Well...this week end will be so special, a friend of mine will come here tomorrow morning and she'll stay here since Sunday evening...
So...we will have 2 days for sewing, chatting, eating chocolate...

drinking hot tea and coffee and...again sewing...chatting...LOL!!!

We planned to sew a project and some of our Xmas presents together and this will be surely so much fun!!!

I chose to make this Santa's garland for my house for Xmas:

I think it's so cute and it will look wonderful hanged on my fireplace...what do tou think?
I'll post some pics of our week end and of our projects in the next days...
I wish a great week end to you all too!!!

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

Went to the Dentist

Hi my friends!
Yesterday evening I went to the Dentist...
He removed my Wisdom Tooth after a local anaesthesia, he worked so fast, in about 20 seconds my tooth was pulled off to my mouth...without any pain...

But...this morning...the pain is coming and my cheek puffed out...
Hopefully...I feel better soon as will be a very long day at work... :O(

lunedì 25 ottobre 2010

A Rainy Day

Hi to all!
Today it's a rainy day and this make me so...bleahhhhhh...
I have to say that sometimes I love rainy days, you can do things inside like sewing, reading, crafting don't...
I hope that tomorrow...will be better...for now...I can't wait it will be late night and I can go to bed and...close this Monday...
How do you feel today?

martedì 21 settembre 2010

My "Patchwork" week end in Saint Marie Aux Mines

Hi!I've had a wonderful long week end (4 days so...more than a short vacation than a week end!!!) in Saint Marie Aux Mines (Alsace) for the 16th Carrefour European du Patchwork!
I've still in my mind and in my eyes the amazing quilts I saw there...This was the 3rd time
that I go there and every time it's a wonderful experience...

The expositions were everywhere there: schools, churches, theatres and every shop - doesn't matter if it's a bakery or a laundry or a butcher shop - had at least one quilt displayed...

Groups of happy women were all around, laughing and chatting, some of them were dressed with patchwork jackets or clothes made by themselves and lots of them proudly showed wonderful patchwork bags made by themselves too!!!

The "Espace Commercial" was a dream for every quilter, sewer and crafter...a gazillion of stands full of the most beautiful fabrics you can ever dream...buttons, colorful threads, books, sewing and embroidery tools and anything is new, wonderful, strange, useful or not in the sewing world...
I went there with some french friends, we were a group of 11, 5 men and 6 women.
Men visited the Cars Museum and then some...caves (!!!) while we visited the expositions.
So...anyone had a great time there...
Between an exposition and one other...we eated some wonderful Alsacian Tarte Flambèe...they taste soooo good!!!! I just love them!!!

Be there was really a joy for me, so I would like to thank my hubby for...taking me's so far from our town, more than 700 km...

And a big thank you also to my Dear friends Nathalie, Jacqueline and hers so lovely parents, Maryline, Annie, Jean Marc, Jaque and Luke for make this week end so special for me!!!!

sabato 4 settembre 2010

I've got a TREASURE in the mail today...

This morning the postman rang to my bell "There is a small box for you"...
I was so excited especially when I read the label comes from Australia...
What a long trip it had...
I opened the box and...OMG!!!!
A little TREASURE was there!!!

I partecipated in a "Pincushion Swap" and this is what I got back!!!
Absolutely stunning, the craftmanship is awesome and all is so tiny and perfect!!!
Surely...I'll treasure it forever!!!!

So...many many thanks to Kathy from Australia!
My Dear, you made my day today!!!!!!

domenica 29 agosto 2010

Celebrate with me!!!!

Hi and good Sunday to all!!!
This morning I got up with a sale in my shop and...I can't wait more happy!!!!
It was my 200th SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...this make me so happy because it means that people like what I'm doing!!!

I would like to share my joy with you so, today only, I'm offering a 10% off to my whole shop!
Just put "200" in the note and wait for a revised invoice!!!

Thanks for all the love you are giving me!!!!

martedì 17 agosto 2010

I'm having a new giveaway!!!

well...finally time for another give away!!!
I'm offering to the lucky winner the possibility to win one of my can choose the one you prefere from my shop!
For take part in this give away, please, click here :
Ashely of "All things Amazing and Fun" is hosting it!!!

If you already are a follower of my blog, you can follow me on twitter:

Hope you'll enjoy this giveaway and...good luck!!!!

lunedì 16 agosto 2010

A day in the Castle...

Hi to all!
Yesterday here in Italy was a National Holiday...
Usually every year this holiday means BBQ with friends and/or family in the yard or on the mountain...
This year unfortunalt weather was not good at all...the day before rained all day long and temperatures fell down...We got up yesterday morning with a very cloudy and dark sky...

So, hubby and I decided to spend our day visitin a beautiful Castle situated in a small town at about 25 km from here, Racconigi Castle.

When we arrived there, the sky was still grey and we got some drop of was a pity as the Castle has a great and wonderful park all around...
Later...the sun will return and so we visited both the park and the Castle.

In the park, there is also a nice lake...

As you can see in the picture below, there are 2 big nests on the top of this building that was...a greenhouse...
Those are Storks nests!!!! All around there and also on the Castle you can see them!!!

Beautiful Lemons Trees welcome you on the entrance of the Castle...

And finally...if you feel particularly romanthic ( just feel tired or don't like to walk...LOL), you can also do the tour of the park with the carriage (this is what the King and the Quinn usually did...I bet they never did all the tour of the park walking...LOL)

So, I have to say that it was a nice and interesting day...a bit different of usual...
Hope you enjoyed this photograpic tour too!!!


giovedì 29 luglio 2010

I need this...NOW!!!!

Ok...I'm the my bed...
Outside is strongly raining...the temperatures fell doens't seem a nice summer night at all...

So...I would correct...I REALLY NEED to be there, on the wonderful beach of the picture...

Anybody else would like to be there????

mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

A work in progress...

Ok...yesterday after work, after dinner, after setting the kitchen and after a shower (...) I worked till late night to my wall quilt...

Actually... I only need to make 3 more blocks and then I can start to assembly the top...

Let's go girl...I can do it!!!! :O)

Have a nice day!!!!

lunedì 26 luglio 2010

A new quilt for my fireplace

I started a new wall quilt some months ago and since this was an UFO left alone on a chair on my sewing room...
I started it thinking that I'd need something new to hang on my fireplace sometimes happens...I start a new project with a lot of enthusiasm and then...I've lost this enthusiasm...on the road...

I started a gazillion of other projects after over my head is...full of UFO's...LOL!!!!

But this morning...I got up with a renewed enthusiasm, I took my centre medallion and...I start to sew the zig zag around the appliquè!
I worked on it for about 2 hours and I have to say that...I'm happy with the result...

Actually...I've made also some blocks, this will be a wallhanging with autumn colors theme...
In the next days, I'll go ahead working on this project and...please, follow here if you would like to see the final result...

If you would like to post a comment're very welcome...if I know that someone is following my WIP...I surely can't not finish it!!!! LOL!!!!

domenica 25 luglio 2010

Finally!!!! New Pouches in my shop!!!

Hi to all!
Today I'm so proud to announce my new line of pouches!
They feature different colors of stitches and a coordinating zipper on a same background made of 100% cotton fabric (black&white) and 100% of linen.Those pouches are well padded and quilted so they can hold all your things keeping them safely.
Plus they have a divider pocket inside so you can keep all your things organized!

The stitches details can be made with any color of your choice so they are easly costumized!
They measures 8"x5" so a generous size but...not too big!
They can be used as a every day pouch but they are also so stylish so you can use them also for...a night party!!!

I'd love so much to hear your feedbacks about them!