lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Green and Blue Table Cloth

 Hello My Friends!!!
How are you today?
A new week is started, the weather is soooo cold here...I can say it's freezing here...
But today We've had a wonderful sunny day!
Not as the past week end...gray, rainy...boooo!!!

I would like to show you my last table cloth, I made it  as a gift for a  special friend and love the way it turned out, so bright and colorful!

As I told you in a previous post, I found this pattern on Pinterest but this time I changed the center making Log Cabins Blocks...

What do you think?
I would love to try one with some Christmas fabrics...
And...working on this table cloth...I treated myself with a delicious  apple pie...LOL!!!

I wish you all a wonderful week!!!!
Love, Dany.

mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

Paper Jewerly

Hello my Friends!!!!
How are you going?
Hope everything is ok for you all!!!
Here...all it's fine...
I'm trying to keep myself busy with Gym, cinema club once a week, friends and... some new crafts...

Yesterday evening I went to a class for make paper jewerly and...this is the result...
I made this pretty necklace...

I totally loved the class...about 45 women working together and chatting, chatting, chatting, eating, chatting...LOL!!!
It was really so fun and love the way my necklace turned out!

Could you believe it was made out of paper?
The possibilities are endless, you can make necklaces, earrings, bracelet, in different colors, with different kinds of beads, shapes...

So...did you do something new and different lately?
Please, share!
Love, Dany.

lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

Pallets & Co. Bed Redo

Hello My Friends!
How are you going?
Here Fall is officially started and...not in the nicest way...
I love Fall when it means blu skies, colors changing in foliage, eat pumpkins and Fall treats, fall down in temperatures but...not when it means grey skies, rain and then again grey skies and rain, rain, rain...BUUU-HUUUU!!!!
But...we can't choose our Fall isn't it? LOL!!!

Anyway, finally I have my new bed set and so I would like to share it with you!
This is how it looked before, it wasn't bad but not very practical...
I could not lean against the headboard to red or watching television...

So I needed a stronger headboard and ...TA-DAAAAA!!!!
Here is it:

I spoked about this in a previous post, I worked on these pallets with my Dad and so this make my bed more precious!!!
I just loooove the way it turned out, really!!!

Now I can lean against it and puttind up my bed's really so confortable...

I'm planning to make probably 2 small pillow and hang them on top of the headboard exactly when the head 
rests, in this way it will be even more confortable.

I can change these pillows every season for example, so my bed will have always something new and different!
That's all for today but...I already have a new and exciting project in mind...can't wait to start it!!!
Are you making some redo into your home?
Or...are you starting some new project too?
I'd love to hear from you!
I wish you all a lovely week!!!!
Love, Dany.

martedì 24 settembre 2013

Table Topper...DONE!!!!

Hello My Friends!!!
How is your week going?
Mine is started, gym...nothing of too much fun but's only Tuesday!!! LOL!!!

Sunday I spent a quite day at home, doing a bit of cleaning, ironing and...sewing!!!
Did you remember my last post?
I spoke about a table topper I started to make 2 Sundays ago with a friend of mine!
Past Sunday...I finished it!!! YAY!!!!

I have to say that I really loooove the way it turned out!!!
And I love the fact that this is the first finished project in a long time.

I found this beautiful pattern on know...I have a gazillion of things "saved" there and I love to browse through them!
I pinned it few months ago and finally I decided to make it!

It's a very versatile design, you can make it with any kind of fabric and so make it for holydays too or one for each season...LOL!!!
I think this could make great Xmas gifts too!

I made it with light grey, light blue/aqua and red fabrics, perfect for my kitchen's colors!
If you are interested in make it too, you can find the patter HERE.
Please, let me know if you'll try it too, I would love to see yours too!!!
Have a lovely week!!!!!!!!
Love and lots of hugs!!!!

venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Last week end...

Hello my friends!!!!
how are you going?
I'm fine and another week went

Last week end I've had so much fun...
Saturday I went to the sea with my Mom...
I strongly needed a day away, sun, sea, relax and...a blue blue sky!!!
We went once again to Menton (France) and it was awesome!!!

The weather was really beautiful, sunny but not too hot, about 26 degrees...perfect!!!
As you can see in the pic...people were doing exercices near the beach...totally awesome!
Not the same to go to the gym isn't it??? LOL!!!

We didn't went to the beach...we just walked in front of the sea and through the beautiful french shops...

We started our day with a delicious "Marocchino Cofee"...

And go ahead with awesome fishes and grilled vegetables for lunch!!!
They looks awesome in this pic but...believe me...they tasted better!!!!

Ha, ha...Mommy and me...
I love these kind of days...just girls...LOL!!!!
Dad stayed at home but...he paid for our lunch...thank you Daddy!!!! LOL!!!!

Then, Sunday...I've had another fun day...totally different but...I loved it so much too!!!!

My friend Luciana come here and we decided to sew something cute...
We chose a really pretty project we found on Pinterest...through the gazillions of pins we have...LOL!!!
And we started to sew...

The project is a really cute table topper but...I'll let you know more about it in another post...
We chose different colors for the same project and this is really fun because you can see how different they look!!!
Now mine is ready to be quilted and I'm planning to work on it soon!
Can't wait to see it finished and displaied on my table!!!

She made some delicious "heart muffins" for our sweet break...

With all that work and chatting...we needed something sweet...LOL!!!
So...that was my past week end...we will see whom the one that is starting tomorrow will bring me...
What are you planning for the week end???
I wish you all a great Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!
Love and lots of hugs!!!!

domenica 8 settembre 2013

Pallets Deco...

Hello My Friends!!!
How are you today?
After so many pins on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try too.
I'm really in love for this kind of beds, plus mine is really not working for me...
I need a harder Headboard for my bed.
My bed is made of iron but it's not so strong so every time I try to lean on it for reading or embroidery or crocheting, it moves toward the wall and this is not nice...
But actually, I can 't afford to buy a new bed...
So I decided to make myself a headboard with pallets and just keep the old spring and mattress...

I found 2 wooden pallets at work and my bosses give them to me for free (YAYYYY!!!!).
Thanks Bosses!!!! :O)
They looks like this one when I got them:

Dad and me worked on them a whole day, trying to make them nice!

Daddy helped me with sandpaper, he has an electric tools for sandpaper so in this way was a bit more easy...
But we did the final touch by you believe how many dust this produces????

After the sandpaper work, the pallets look like this:

More better isn't it?
At this point, I started to paint them, I chose a white water-based paint.
I would not like to cover the whole wood color so this kind of paint is perfect.
Plus is easier to work with it, it dries so fast too!

And...let's go paint!!!

In the meantime, Mom gives us her support provinding  food and drink!
Warriors need a great lunch after all that work...LOL!!!

At the end of the day, our pallets looked like this one:

Now, I just have to wait that some friends will come to my parent's home and pick the pallets for me bringing them to my house and...fix them on the wall!
Probably (hopefully) for the end of this week, I'll have them settled and so I can take new pics for you!

Are you doing any kind of renew-remodeling-crafting-decorating to your house?

I wish you a lovely new week!!!!!
Love and lots of hugs!!!!

lunedì 2 settembre 2013

Sweetness needed...Camille are the solution! :O)

Hello my Friends!!!
How are you today?
I got up this morning with...a big need of sweetness...
So I decided to treat myself baking something of delicious and...I decided to cook "Camille".
Do you know them?
They are a sort of Muffin made of carrots.
They taste so delicate and so wonderful, exactly what I needeed this morning...LOL.

Just in case you would like to try them, here there is the recipe:
200 gr of carrots
200 gr of granulated sugar
2 eggs
100 gr of seed oil
100 gr of milk
300 gr of all purpose flour
16 gr of baking powder
50 gr of almonds
a pinch of salt

Put in the blender sugar and almond and minch them together.
Then add carrots and minch again.
Add eggs, oil, milk,flour and salt and mix well all together until you reach a creme.
Finally add baking powder and mix again.
Take your paper cups and put  a tablespoon of dough in each one.
Bake them in a preheat oven at about 160 degrees for about 15/20 minutes.
That's all!
Enjoy your Camille!

Now...speaking of sweetness...take a look here below:

Aren't them soooo pretty and sweet????
I think they are!!!
Love, Dany.

venerdì 16 agosto 2013

Grandmather's Flower Garden Runner

Hello my Friends!!!!
How are you?
How is your Summer going?
I didn't write so much lately...well...really...I didn't write at all...LOL!!!
So Today I would love to show you what I'm working on...

I'm making a Grandmathe's Flower Garden runner for my kitchen table...
I chose fall colors so I have to finish it before Fall...LOL!!!
I always loved so much this pattern but I know it's a bit tricky...
I'm sewing it all by hand using some plastic templates I bought several years ago...

I have to say that...I love hand sew...I find it so relaxing and I can bring these little hexagons with me everywhere and work on them easily...
In effect lately I didn't sew so much...I needed to start to sew again and this seems  the perfect project!

Few years ago I made myself a kind of portable workstation for hand sew or embroidery and I'm finding it so useful too!

Hope to be able to post my progresses soon!
Does anyone have any idea how to finish this runner?
I mean...I never made  Grandmather's flower garden and I know it's a bit tricky add batting and backing because of the hexagons...
Any help will be soooo appreciated!!!!!