sabato 29 agosto 2009

Hubby is doing BBQ!!!

Hi to all!
You know how men are...mine decided to do BBQ today...
It doesn't matter that I would like to eat a pizza this evening...he needs to do BBQ!!! he's in our garden taking care of our meat...LOL!!!
The smells come here and it seems wonderful...hope that also the taste will be the same... :O) the BBQ an exclusive men thing?????
Are your hubbies like mine too???

4 commenti:

  1. Well I don't have a husband, but my dad sure likes to BBQ! :) It may still be August but England is much to cold to be outside right now... :(

    Enjoy your BBQ!

  2. thanks Lana! here it's really so much hot...BTW...the meat were great!!! he did d great work!!! :O)

  3. I don't like to cook a BBQ but I love to eat it so I happily let my husband be the BBQ Chef!!

    Godo to hear the meat was tasty.

  4. LOL Nikki!!!!!
    I'm like you!!!!


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