domenica 23 agosto 2009


This morning I got up with some really nice ideas and inspirations...
Sp I decided to start to work immediately on some new pouches...
Ok...I'm making another Panda pouch that seems people like it so much and I'm so happy for this!
But...I also love birds, owls, sheeps and so...I'm making some pouches with them too!
I love so much to create new things, starting with a plain piece of fabric and ending with something of special!!!
It's amazing how our brain give it the basical idea and "she" do the rest!!! LOL!!! the next few days I'll list those pouches in my Etsy shop and hope to find someone that will love them...
Would you like to help me to find some nice names for those news pouches?
The sheep, bird and owl ones?
And...if you have some ideas for new subjects for my pouches too, please, feel free to post them here!!!
I'd love to hear from you all!
Thanks so much and now...I'm going back to my sewing room!!!
Happy Sunday to you all!!!!

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