venerdì 29 aprile 2011

Too fun!!!

Via Web

Just found this fun image on the web and...would like to share it with you!
No words are necessary I think...just too cute and too fun!!!
Happy Friday to all!!!!

domenica 17 aprile 2011

An Easter Basket is growing in my hands

 Happy Sunday to you all my friends!!!
How is your day going?
Mine was...full of usual and in about half an hour...we will have  my parents for dinner here...
We love to make it and...of eat it!!!!
Ok...Pizza is in my toughts right now but...I would like to show you my latest creation: a crochet Easter basket, my very first one but surely...not the last one for sure!!! LOL!!!
I loved the way it growed up in my hands...starting from a small center, then it became bigger...and bigger...then the basket started to take his form...

It's amazing how starting with a ball of  yarn and a crochet hook...
you can create something totally new...

I made for my basket a nice white border and then filled it with chocolate eggs...this will be a special gift for a special friend that will come to visit us for Easter...
Hopefully...she's not reading this post...LOL!!!
I've had so much fun making it, hope she'll like it!!!
Hugs, Dany

venerdì 15 aprile 2011

New Magnetic Memory Board

 Hi and Happy Friday to all!!!
Finally my new Magnetic Memory Board has been finished...YAY!!!!
I needed some cute and happy magnets to "stick" on  it and so...I made those "Flowers and Leaves" clothespins magnets and love the way they looks on the board.

 For the board, we bouhgt a sheet of iron and then my hubby painted it with a dark grey (almost black) paint. Then I glued a white ric rac all around and put 4 pieces of round felt on the back so the wall is safe...
Then I put a nice cord through the 2 holes on top of the sheet and hang it on the wall.
I bought some wool clothespins, hubby painted them with white paint, I made crochet flowers and crochet leaves and glue them on the pins.  I glued some magnets on the back of the pins and...voilà...this is the result!
I have to say that I love so much my new memory board, I think we did a nice job!
What do you think?
Happy Friday!!!!
HUGS, Dany

domenica 10 aprile 2011

Spring Flowers in my Garden

 Hi and Happy Sunday to all!!!
Here today it's incredibly hot and sunny and it's a pleasure to spend my time in the garden!
So, I took some pics of the flowers...

They are really so colorful and bright, it's awesome thinking that less then 2 weeks ago the weather here was still so cold... 

We really hope that this weather will not change so much in the next few's only the 9th of April today's really too early for this hot...
It should be hard to come back to rain and cold...
We will see...

venerdì 8 aprile 2011

Cleaning Day

Today I took a day off to work and...instead to go to the beach or...well...maybe have a long and nice walk or a day of fun shopping...I did something more and more exciting...I CLEAN my house all day long!!!

Wow...!!! Can you think to something better than take a day off to work and spend it cleaning the house, wash clothes, iron...??? I surely can't!!!! Ok...I'm sure you are thinking that I'm crazy...LOL!!! I have to say that I don't like housework...I don't hate them but...I can't find anything fun in them... So...when I saw the picture above...I tought...PERFECT FOR ME...!!!

 Anyway...the day is almost ended and now the house is perfectly cleaned, organized and refreshed and I'm so proud of myself... I still have the whole week end now for do the things I love day off to work was not totally wasted... :O)

 Have a frun Friday!!!!!

mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

What a day...!!!

What a busy and stressful day at work today... Wow...I fell like something was exploded in my head...a terrible headache and...a gazillion of things to do... The more things I accomplished...the more things I still have to do... Finally my day at office is ended, now I'm at home trying to get a bit of relax! I've just created this lovely mosaic with peaceful images I found on the web... LOL!!! Hope you like it!!! Have a nice day and evening!!! Dany

lunedì 4 aprile 2011

Fresh Manicure

Hi and Happy Monday to all!!!

A new week is started and Monday is always a soooo sad day after the week end isn't it???

So...I decided to start the new week making something nice for me...

I've just got this delicate and so sweet French manicure that put me in the right mood...

I love it!!!!

What are you doing for treat yourself a bit???



sabato 2 aprile 2011

Happy Saturday!

Hi! I just have few minutes today... I'm in the middle of the change of season for clothes... Mmm...I really hate do it...wash all the winter clothes and put them away...clean and refresh all the furnitures, bring all the spring- summer clothes and iron them... It's really a big work, especially if you must do it during a wonderful week end like this one... So...while I'm doing it...I'll try to keep my mind away with some nice memories... For example, the picture above, was taken by me 2 years ago during our holidays to the south of France...what a nice time we have had... Hope you are having a more fun week end than mine...LOL!!! So...happy week end to all!!!