mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Another Shawl...DONE!!!!

how are you today?
I would like to show  you my new shawl, I've completed the Alpine Shawl I spoked you in a post some days ago...
I loved so much to make it, it took me 2 weeks and I only worked on it in the evening was fast to make...
I absolutely love this shawl, it's so beautiful and soft and I think it will be perfect for Autumn...
The color is perfect to wear with jean and add a sophisticated touch to your look...
It's soft and warm and wrap perfectly around your shoulder or neck, this yarn (part wool and pasrt bamboo) is perfect for this kind of shawl I think...
I love pineapples, they are easy to make and look great!
And the fringes, are so unusual, not the classic fringes...they are fun!

Can't wait for fresh temperatures for start to wear it!!!! LOL!!!!!
Now...going to search another project...I'm crochet-holic...LOL!!!
I wish you all a lovely day!!!!!!
Love, Dany
p.s. what kind of project are you working on right now?

martedì 30 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY FIFTEEN...LAST DAY!!!!

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how are you today my friends?
I feel...GREAT!!!!
Today was the fifteen day of my diet and so...the last day!!!!
I'm so proud of myself cause I followed this's only a 15 days diet's a diet...LOL!!!
Especially for who, like me, loves candies, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, ice many wonderful things to eat there are in the world...'s hard to not taste them...

Anyway, in  15 days I've lost 2 kilos and I'm happy about the result!

Tomorrow...ok, tomorrow will be my 1st day of non-diet but...I think I will follow the guide lines of this diet because I would not like to gain immediately my kilos...LOL!!!

Plus...the summer-break is almost ended and so in about 2 weeks, I'll start again to go to the gymnasium twice a week...

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It's not easy to eat less and only "right" food but...I will body deserve this!!!
Love, Dany

venerdì 26 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY ELEVEN!!!!

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 Hello My Friends!!!
How are you?
I'm fine and...I'm sooooo HAPPY!!!!
I didn't post anything about my diet in the last days but...this not mean that I stopped it...I go ahead...strongly...LOL...and this morning...was the "checking day".
So...I check my weight and...DRUMROLL...2 KILOS LOST...TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

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I'm so happy about this result especially because I eat more well in this period then usual...I things that...taste wonderfully but...are so bad for our body and healt...
And...I really feel great!!!!

I learn to cook and eat in a better way and to appreciate simple this is great for me!!!
Now...I still have 4 days left but...I don't think I will have problems following this way...
I wish you all a wonderful Friday!!!!

sabato 20 agosto 2011

It's Hot Outside...

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 It's incredibly hot today outside and...I think one of this should be perfect for refreshing a bit...
What do you think?
How about the weather where you live?
Happy Saturday!!!

venerdì 19 agosto 2011

15 days of Diet: DAY FOUR + a new crochet project!

how are you today?
well...first of all...let me say that...I LOOSE 1 KILOS!!!!!YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
This morning I got up and...I was so worry about checking the weight and...surprise...1 kilos less!!!!!'s easier to go ahead now...LOL!!!

Today was my 4th day of diet and...this was the menu:
BREAKFAST:'s always the same...
125 gr of natural yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of cornflakes and 1 tablespoon of muesli with 1 apple cut in small pieces + a cup of white tea.
I could change my breakfast, for example I can have a glass of milk with barley coffe plus 2 rusk bread with jam or 1 natural yogurt with 2 biscuits and fresh fruit but actually...I like more my breakfast...

1 cup of white tea in the middle of the morning

LUNCH: ok...also today I cooked 80 gr of integral pasta with ricotta cheese and cherry tomatoes plus basil...and 1 cup of white tea...I love this so much...
There are lots of other things I can eat but...Idon't like some of them at all, or...I can't find some of them...or...some are not quick to do so...I'm choosing what I like the most and it's easier and fast to prepare!

1 cup of white tea in the middle of the afternoon

DINNER: I cooked sea bass again with a salade of carrots, corns, french beans and tomatoes plus 2 rice gallettes and 1 slice of melon.

So...also the 4th day is..."done" and...I feel good and...happy...LOL!!!

Now...ok...I'm on diet but...I'm also doing other things...not only eat less...LOL!!!
I started a new crochet shawl, here it is:
When I saw it...I fell in love with it and...had to try it!!!
If you like it, you can find the pattern HERE and it's free!!!
So...I started it and this is what I've done so far:
It's similar to the grey shawl I made some months ago but this time I made it with wool should be perfect for Autumn and winter I think!
I love the pineapple motif, it seems so intricate but it's easy to do and the result is awesome!

I chose a beautiful yarn, part wool and part bamboo, so soft and the color is a shade of periwinkle...I love it!          
Ok my friends, it's all for today, see you tomorrow!!!!
Have a great Friday night!!!!
Hugs, Dany

giovedì 18 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY TREE

Day three is here...LOL!!!!
Ok, let's start with the menu...
BREAKFAST: always the same...125 gr of natural yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of muesli and 1 tablespoon of cornflakes plus 1 appled cutted in small pieces...and of course...a cup of white tea...
I'm goin to love this breakfast and this is incredible as in the past...mmm...20 years I breakfast was always the same: hot milk with coffee and a change...LOL!!!!

1 cup of white tea in the middle of the morning

LUNCH: salade of carrots and cherry tomatoes with small pieces of feta cheese and 2 rice delicious! Don't forget a cup of white tea...LOL!!!

Another cup of white tea in the middle of the afternoon...
And...OMG...a colleague brought to office a wonderful cake...with cream, chocolate and looked sooooooo yummy and soooo delicious and...I said...NO THANKS...!!!!!! what a pain... ;O)

DINNER: I cooked turkey with rosemary, sage, onion  and some powder spices, plus salt, pepper and...some pieces of lime...I never cooked it before and I have to say that it tasted so good!
Plus...a green salade with tomatoes and 2 slices of melon.

After dinner we went out for 1 hour of fit walking and...I feel great now!
But...tomorrow...mmm...will be the day that for the first time I'll check my weight...
I really hope that...I'm loosing something but...I'll let you know tomorrow...
Please...wish me good luck...LOL!!!!
What did you eat today? please, make me dreaming...LOL!!!!!
Hugs, Dany

mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY TWO

How are you today?
This is my 2nd day of diet and...all is going well...

So, this is my today menu...
BREAKFAST: 125 gr of natural yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of cornflakes, 1 tablespoon of muesly and 1 apple cutted in smal a cup of white tea.
I have to say that today was much better then yesterday because I mixed all together with the apple that is sweet and so the yogurt was not bad...I love yogurt so much but...not the natural one...LOL!!1
But...believe me, this mix is delicious!!!

I drinked another cup pf white tea in the middle of the morning...
LUNCH: 80 gr of integral pasta with ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil...soooooo yummy!!!!!!
1 cup of white tea in the middle of the afternoon...

DINNER: sea bass cooked in the oven with only aromatic herbs and lemon (I eated only half fish) and a salade of bolied french bens with tomatoes and egg (ok...I didn't eat the egg...only my hubby could eat it...LOL) and a slice of melon.

Ok...I can say...DAY TWO...I FEEL GOOD... ;o)
Hugs, Dany

martedì 16 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY ONE is the "D" day...the day I'm starting my Diet...
I don't need a drastic diet for loose so much weight...
I need more a "depurative" one that helps to "depurate" my body after soooo many wrong things I ate...
Lately I've had a so stressful time and...shame on me...I'm one of these people that...under
But...I'm not eating so much things...well...when I'm stressed I don't eat tons of foods but...absolutely....I eat wrong foods... (candies, chocolate, chips, cakes, ice cream...)
So, you can imagine how "not so nice" I feel...

Ok, I did a search on the internet and I found the "Detox" diet and I think that a version of it should be perfect for me...
First...because you have to follow it for only 15 days (it promises beautiful skin, wonderful hair, more energy and...last but not least...lose some weight!!!)
Now...I know that this is not the magic thing that in 15 days...will change my body and my world...LOL...but surely it can helps me to feel better...
This diet is focused on cereal, fibers, vegetables (better if they are natural and not cooked), white meat and fish.
So...I decided to try was the 1st day...
This is what I eated today:
BREAKFAST: 125 gr of natural yogurt with 2 tablespoon of cornflakes, 1 apple and a cup of white tea.

In this diet you have to drink at least 1 litre of white tea a day...
You can only eat white tea and water.
Then, in the middle of the morning I eated another cup of white tea.

DINNER: a dish of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella and 2 rice galettes + 1 cup of white tea.

In the middle of the afternoon, a cup of white tea.
DINNER: 80 gr of integral rice cooked with tomatoes and a salade of tomatoes and carrots, plus a slice of melon.

Ok...this is my day one and...I feel good!!! LOL!!!!
Oh...before I my weight is 53  kilos...we will see in the next days...
I'll try to post every day my menu progresses...
Please, wish me good luck... :O)

lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Today...BBQ Day!!!

Hi again!
Today was holiday here in Italy (Ferragosto) so hubby and I decided to have BBQ...
We grilled ANYTHING we like, potatoes, corns, cheese, sweet pepper...
All was really so delicious!
We eated in our yard, near the BBQ with fun!!!!
After lunch, we needed a good coffee...we had a bit of relax reading and crocheting and...we ended our fun afternoon with an iced Mojito...
What a lovely day!!!!

Italian Tomato Sauce Recipe

 Hi my friends!!!
How are you today?
Well...if you like Pasta and Tomato Sauce, this is the recipe for you!
I made this 2 days ago and would like to share it with you, thinking that maybe someone could like to try it!

First, you need fresh tomatoes (of course...LOL), better if they are homegrown...

 Wash very well your tomatoes...

 Cut them into big pieces and put them into a mixer

 Blend tomatoes reducing them into cream and put them in a big casserole

Now take some vegetables and spices...
I used  celery, sage, onion and basil...
Put them into the mixer, blend them reducing them into a crem as you did before for the tomates
Add this cream to the tomato cream in your casserole, then add salt and extra virgin olive oil and cook it for about 40-45 minutes, mixing it gently with a wood tablespoon...

This is the result: you can put your tomato sauce into jars, put them into a big casserole, completely covered by water  and boil them for half an hour...
Put labels on  the jars and...
This tomato sauce is perfect for cooking pasta, but also meat, vegetables, eggs...or anything else you like!!!
You can save it for more than a year!!!
Hope you liked my recipe and please, if you try it...let me know!
Enjoy your meal my friends!!!!!

sabato 13 agosto 2011

Some colors in this odd summer

Hello my friends!!!
how are you?
I would love to show you my latest crochet creation...a colorful and happy shawl!!!
Some times ago I bought some skeins of yarns because I would love to make a blanket...
Well...I still never made that I decided to use them for make a shawl!
I don't know if also in other countries this summer is not a real summer like here in the Norht of Italy...
I have to say that this is the 1st week that we are having nice weather but...our summer is almost finished...
We have had always grey sky, rain, cold, wind...amazing isn't it?
So I tought that some colorful yarns could bring me the summer spirit...!!!!
So...this is what I made...

I've had sooo much fun making it and I love the way it turned out!
Probably it will be my Mom next Xmas present...
I still have other skeins of the same yarns in different colors so surely I'll make others!
They are so fun and easy to make and you can make it while you are watching television, chatting...
Hope you like it!
Have a nice Saturday!!!!