martedì 28 giugno 2011

Silver and Blue: They Make Me Happy!

Hi my friends!!!
How are you today?
I would like to show you my new nails...
It's Summer time and in  this period of the year I love bright and happy colors so...I chose something that really makes me so happy everything I look at them...LOL!!!
What do you think?
I wish you a lovely day!!!

lunedì 27 giugno 2011

The Perfect Relaxing Sunday

Hi my Friends!!!!
how are you today?
Finally here we are having good weather, sun and  warm temperatures and yesterday was our very first day of summer!!!(ok...summer started officially few days ago but as we got rain and seemed more Autumn that Summer...)

We decided to stay at home and enjoy the weather in perfect hours drive for go to the hours drive for go to the caos...just...relax!!!
So, my sister and her husband come here too and we spent the whole day in the garden!

Ok...boys...COOK FOR US!!!! They did a BBQ with meat and vegetables and fish...sooo yummy!!! Can you think a better start to our relaxing day???
We didn't have to think to go to the grocery store and fix launch...just have relax and this is ecaxtly what we did...!!!
We got the tan and we also find the time for a nice fun!!!!
We laughed soooo much!!!!

Then, in the middle of the afternoon, also Mom and Dad come here!
I prepare a fresh snack with Mojito and Chips...all my guests loved them!!! LOL!!!!
After the Mojito...we decided to play darts and...believe me...after a glass of's not easy...LOL!!!!

But the fun is sure!!!!
Someone was able to put 2 darts one inside the other...LOL!!!
In the evening...we had a wonderful pizza all togheter and it was the perfect end for a perfect day!!!!'s not necessary to go so far or do incredibly and adventurous things for have fun!!!
This was my Sunday...what about yours?
Have a nice day!!!

domenica 12 giugno 2011

My Lacey Shawl Finally Done and...a new bag!

Hi and Happy Sunday to all!!!
Finally...I can show you my shawl!!!
It has been finished about 3 weeks ago the weather is always so rainy was so hard "combine" a sunny day plus hubby at home to make pics...LOL!!!
Anyway...yesterday afternoon...we got a bit of is me wearing my new shawl!!!

I have to say that I'm soooo happy about  the result, this is my very first lacey shawl, it required lots and lots of FUN hours to crochet it but...I'm happy I spent my time in this way!

It's so versatile so you can wear it on a tank top and jeans but also on a elegant dress for a special occasion!
In effect, I'll have a wedding on the end of July and this would be so perfect on the grey and black dress I bought...
And this is the new bag I made for myself too...
I made one similar past summer and I used it all the time.
I love this shape, the bamboo handles, it's so roomy and the fabric I chose is so nice.
It's similar to linen, with stamps in purple and lime green, so summery!!!
Hope you like my creations!
Have a nice day!!!

domenica 5 giugno 2011

Creating a new Quilt!

This week end is really a very very rainy one...
We are getting lots of rain, thunderstorm, wind and cold...
And...we are not getting into winter but...into summer...LOL!!!
So...I decided to bring myself a bit of happyness making...a new quilt!!!!

I'm a quilter and I love to play with colorful fabrics and threads...
I started drawing myself my quilt with the EQ7 program.
This is an awesome program for drawing quilts, table runners, wallhangings...really AWESOME!!!!
I would love to create something that could be hanged on my bedroom wall so I need something purlpe/violet/ the wall is painted with light purple paint and the curtain is white with purple circles...

Once I've selected the fabrics from my stash (this is the funniest but hardest part...LOL!!!) the fun begin!!!

I started to cut my fabrics following my pattern...

Then, with my  (I love my Husqvarna SE) sewing machine, I started to sew together squares and them, sew them again in largest rows...

Single pieces of fabrics sewed together...

...and I can start to see how my quilt will be...

I've had so much fun today, also if outside all is grey and sewing room seems a lavender field!!!!'s late, time to go fix dinner...I hope to be able to work on my quilt again tomorrow morning...once you's very hard to stop!!!!
Hope you are having a great Sunday too!!!

venerdì 3 giugno 2011

New Crochet Items in my shop

Lately...I'm so much into crocheting I decided to add some new crochet things in my Etsy Shop!
I started with something small, some crochet star coasters!
I think they are the perfect nice touch to any summer table, cute, colorful, they bring joy and happyness!
 I made them with 100% cotton yarn, so they are completely washable.

 For now, I made 2 sets, one lime and white and one light periwinkle and white and I'm so happy about the result.
I'm planning to make more in other colors combination so, if you have a favourite color combination, please, let me know!
I'm working also on some nice scarves and cowls for the winter season, fingerless gloves...I'm in  love with crocheting and Ii would love to share this love with you all!
If you are interested in my coasters, you can find them HERE!
Have a wonderful Friday my friends!!!!