lunedì 23 maggio 2011

Colors = Joy

                                                                               VIA WEB

Some days...simply I NEED colors...
Today, is one of these days...nothing of particularly bad happened to me fortunately mood is not the very happy mood I wish to have today...LOL!!!
In these days...I know that colors can help me...bright and happy colors are able to change my mood.
So, I chose these colorful images I would like to share them with you!
Happy Colorful Day to all my friend!!!!

mercoledì 18 maggio 2011


I simply...NEED A DOG!!!!!!
I was browsing into some web images of dogs and...I found the cutest one!!!!
Aren't these puppies soooo adorables????
I looooooove dogs, my favourite is the Golden beautiful, so clever, so sweet!!!!
It's been years that...I would love to have a dog
We have a back yard, not too much big but...big enough for a dog for sure...hubby is afraid for his flowers...
Please, help me, in what way Can I persuade hubby to give me a dog????
I think a dog in  our lives...surely makes them great!!!!!
Have a lovely day!!!

venerdì 13 maggio 2011

A work in progress: my shawl

Hi! in a OLDER post  I told you about a new challenge for myself...make a lace shawl. Well...those are my progresses. This pattern is really so beautiful and so easy to follow and I'm having so much fun making my shawl. I still have to make some rounds (8 more) and then add the fringes will be done. I really can't wait to wear it!!! I only have a doubt...I will have to block it and...I never did it before with something so you have some tips or suggestions? Thanks so much and...have a wonderful Friday!!!!

mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

Easter like Christmas

As I told you few weeks ago, a friend of mine and her husband come here to spend some days with us for Easter. We have had a wonderful time all together, Nathalie and Jean Marc are really so sweet and nice and beautiful friends!
They come here with lots of gifts for us both...
For hubby, Jean Marc brought a wonderful Jam, a bottle of Whisky and a decoration with Rooster and bell to hang in out gazebo in the garden.

Nathalie made me a soooooo beautiful and soft crochet ruffle scarf, I wore it everyday when they were here. I totally adore it!!

Then, she made me an awesome fleece quilt!
It's so soft and confortable too and it looks gorgeous with the appliquè flowers and the binding made of the same fabric of the flowers!
And...last but not least...a treasury box...a wonderful box full of fABULOUS FABRICS!!!!! really seemed me Christmas more than Easter!!!!!
Thanks for all Nat and Jean Marc!!!!
See you soon!!!

domenica 8 maggio 2011

For you Mom...

Hi and Happy Sunday to all!
In about few minutes...we are going to celebrate Mother's Day with Mom, Dad, sister and brother in law.
Daddy is doing a BBQ (I love BBQ and Daddy is soooo awesome in doing it!!!)

I pick some beautiful flowers from the garden for Mom and then...
I made her an Angel... I know she loves so much the one I made for myself and so my gift for her in this so special a Bathroom Angel. I'm sure she will be so surprise to get it!!! ;O)
And...last but not Mom's favourite cake is my Cheese cake so...I baked one today...Mom...this one is for you!!!!

I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day Mom, you deserve it!!!
I love you Mom!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful "Moms" in the world!!!!

sabato 7 maggio 2011

My afternoon snack...!!!

Wow...this is what I've got yesterday as a afternoon snack at work...
The day before, we have had a pastry class and so the teacher made several wonderful and so delicious cakes.
So, we decided to have a little break between invoices, telephone calls, customer visits and treat ourself with this awesome cake...
The base was a bit like the base of the cheesecake, biscuits and butter I think, then chantilly cream, fresh fruits (blueberries, rasperries...) and chocolate.
What a snack!!!! :O)
Happy Saturday to you all!!!!

mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hi my friends!
I took a pic of a tree in bloom that I have in my yard, it's absolutely lovely right now and...full of...BEES...LOL!!!
This is just for wish you all a very nice Wednesday!!!!!
XXX, Dany