lunedì 28 marzo 2011

A New Challenge


It's Monday again and's time for a new challenge for myself...LOL!!!

I'm a crochet addicted lately and so, as I'm a beginner, every new project is a challenge for me! But this's a big one!!!!

When I saw this amazing shawl...I immediately decided that...I have to make one for my self!

I found the free pattern HERE and in no time...I went to the yarn shop and bought a beautiful yarn that is a mix of cotton and viscose. The color is awesome, a very bright pearl grey...

I found that the pattern is easy to follow also for a beginner but requires lots of hours of work and surely you can't make it while you are watching television...or at least...I can't! But this is the thing I love the most...I have to stay thuned with the pattern, it requires all my concentration and attention and so...while I'm making it...I can't think to anything else...job, housework, cooking, laundry...
I found this soooo mind relaxing!!!!!

Ok...this is what I've already done...I think it's turning out cute and I can't wait to wear it!

But I think I still need ..."few" hours of work on it...LOL!!!!

I'll keep you posted about my progresses!!!

Have a nice Monday and a great start of week!!!!


domenica 27 marzo 2011

Palm Trees Mania

Hi and Happy Sunday! It's officially...Spring is here... :O) I can say this because my hubby got the yard fever and he gets it every year from Spring to late Autumn... He works every day lots of hours in a factory so...he can't wait to come home and...get a bit of relax in the yard... He really likes any kind of flower, plant, tree and he loves to work in the yard.
I think this is a kind of anti-stress theraphy that fortunately doesn't requires medicines!!!
This year...he got the "Palm Trees Mania"...he planted lots of new palm trees few days ago...all around the yard and I have to say they looks great!

Palm Trees always make me think to the sun, sea...vacation so they really make me happy also if I think that...he really planted too much of them...

But...shhh...please...don't let him know...LOL!!!!

venerdì 25 marzo 2011

4 Seasons Swap: Spring

How are you all today?
here it's a beautiful day, so warm and sunny, the perfect day for this post!!!
Well...I organized with my friends Nico, Chiara e Simo a 4 seasons swap as I already wrote fews posts ago.
Now...the Spring swap is already done...YAY!!!!!

I made for my friends those pretty crochet necklaces, I found an easy tutorial HERE and I've had so much fun crocheting and also packaging my lariats, including instructions about how to wear them!

And...those are the beauties I've got in the mail...

A wonderful and so spring-y decorate big size clothes pin from Chiara, it's soooo adorable!!!

A felt butterfly and flower from Simo. They are super cute and I'm thinking to use them for decorate my magnetic memory board (this will be another post!!!).

And...last but not least at all...a sooooo sweet and wonderfully smelling tiny spring bear from Nico! It's so cute and his wonderful smell is a mix of spices and mint I think...

Now...I can't wait for Summer Swap!!!

Thanks so much my Dear Friends, you really made my day!!!!!

Vi voglio bene ragazze!!!!!!

domenica 20 marzo 2011

Half Granny Square Shawl

Hi and Happy Sunday to all!
Yesterday I finished my 1st Shawl ever and I'm so excited to show it to you!!!
It's more than a shawlette than a shawl as it's not very big but I'm so delighted about the result!

I had 4 balls of this very "Fall" yarn in my stash and so I decided to go ahead with them.
I can't find one more to the shop where I bought them 2 years ago and this caused that my shawl is actually a shawlette...LOL!!!!

I found on Raverly a free and easy pattern for this half granny square shawl and I fell in love with it!
I've just added a nice border to the original pattern and this is the result!
Talk to you soon with other projects!!!!
Hugs, Dany

venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!!

Hi and Happy Friday my friends!
Today here it's a wonderful, sunny and incredibly warm day, Spring has really Sprung today after so many days of cold and rain!!!

So, I went to my yard and took some pics for you few minutes ago!
There are some friends that came to visit us this morning: very busy bees...

...a tiny and super cute little lizard...

...and we have some wonderful flowers that really are so Spring-y!!!

Hope you enjoyed my pics!!!
Happy Spring to you all!!!

giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Help for Japan!!!

This treasury made for help Japan got the front page and the item I donated for Japan was in this treasury so I'm so happy and hope to sell it soon so I can donate my money to help!!!
Thank you!!!

domenica 13 marzo 2011

Spring-y nails

Hi anf good Sunday!
It's a rainy, cloudy and cold day today here.
All is grey, wet and sad outside so...I'm so happy about my new spring-y manicure!!!

My nails really looks so spring-y with this white french manicure mixed with a pale pink and with some silver glitters...

I love them!!!

sabato 12 marzo 2011

A new project

Hi and good Saturday my friends!!!
My long week end of relax is going well and I'm really enjoying it!!!This morning...I got a fresh and wonderful manicure, I'll show you it later...
As I found that crochet really gives me peace, joy and happiness...LOL...I started a new project!
I looked through my yarn stash and I found this beautiful variegated yarn with all the shades of autumn...
Ok...I know that we are really so close to spring but...this yarn really seemed so perfect to me for this project!

So...I started to crochet it and I'm loving the way is growing up through my hands!

This surely will help me to improve my crocheting skills and get a bit of practice for a future project that...I've already chose...

So...I have to work fast on this and...start that one...LOL!!!

Guess what this little triangle will be... ;O)

giovedì 10 marzo 2011


Hi and happy Friday night to all!
I've had some really busy and stressfull weeks at work and now...I'm completely exausted...
I take a day off to work tomorrow so I will have a longer week end for find new energies and...put myself in the right mood for start all again on Monday...

Probably I'll try to relax a bit "cleaning" my mind and thinking only to nice things...

Tomorrow morning I'll go out for a long walk, I'll carry only my MP3 and...go!
Then, I boked a relaxing body massage for tomorrow afternoon...surely it will help!

I planned a loooong and warm bath at the end of the day...
And...this is only my Friday!!!
I decided that this week end I'll only do things I love hubby for 1 time will have to accept this...LOL!!!!
I hope that those 3 days will really give me all the relax that I'd need!!!!
Any suggestions?
What do you do for yourself when you are totally...STRESSFULL????

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Hubby is working for me!

Finally hubby is doing something I asked him ages ago...
He's painting some clothespins and a piece of metal sheet...
I have in mind to make a cute magnetic memory board so as soon as he'll be done with the painting part...I'll start with the decorative one!!!
I can't wait!!!!
I wish you all a lovely day!!!

martedì 8 marzo 2011

For us... our day so...I wish you all wonderful women all around the world a happy and joyfull day!!!!!!!

domenica 6 marzo 2011

What I made this week end...

Hello my friends!
The week end is almost finished but I have to say that I'm satisfied of all the things I accomplished... :O)
I cleaned the house, did the laudry ( many things...LOL), I baked bugie and...last but not least at all...I made this wonderful crochet wrap for myself!!!!

I totally love the way it turned's my first crochet wrap ('s almost my first in anything in crochet...LOL) and I can say that I'm sooo happy with the result!

I used a beautiful variegated and very soft wool, it has shades of grey, green, lilac, and pale pink and it's so confortable!

If you would like to make it too, I found a free pattern here.
I can't wait to wear it tomorrow at work!!!!'m already thinking to my next project...
Talk to you soon!!!!

sabato 5 marzo 2011

It's Carnival time!!!!

It's Carnival here in my town this week end and as we will go to have dinner to my parent's house tonight...I decided to bake the typical carnival desser : "Bugie".
Bugie is the name that this "dessert" have in our area and the english translaction of Bugie is "lies"...
I really don't know why...LOL!!!

They are really easy to do and they taste sooooo delicious!!!!

The only "bad" things about them is that...after you make them...your house will smell "Bugie" for few days...LOL!!!!
But...this is a low "price" to pay for eat them... ;O)

If you would like to try there is my recipe:

500 grams all purpose flours
2 eggs
100 grams sugar
100 grams butter
3 teaspoons backing powder
200 ml white wine
2 tablespoon "grappa"
Oil for fry

Mix all the ingredients in a bow, first the liquid ones and then the dry ones.
Now knead all the ingredients and with a rolling pin make the dough so thin.
Then cut some rectangles and fry them in boiling oil until both surfaces are golden.
Put them on kitchen paper for take off the oil and put powder sugar on them.
And...enjoy them!!!!
Have a nice week end!!!!

venerdì 4 marzo 2011

New in my shop: Fun Jacko Crocheted Bookmark

Do you like to read?
What do you usually use as bookmark?
I can use a postcard, a cinema ticket, a piece of paper...
Nothing so much attractive or fun...
What about this super cute and fun crocheted Jacko to take you through the pages of your book? It makes me smile every time I watch at him!'s perfect little gift to treat yourself or for make more fun the experience of reading for your kids...

This is hand crocheted by me!
I added 2 rhynestones for make the eyes of our Jacko and a little piece of red felt for make its tongue.

If you like it, you can find it in my Etsy Shop.

It's snowing again and again and again...

Via Web
this morning I got up's snowing again...
Yesterday we got snow too and we will have more snow next week too...
This year...I'm totally sick about cold, bad weather and snow...
I need sun, flowers, colors all around...I need spring time!!!

Perhaps...this collage of beautiful pics will help me to "tolerate" a bit more the snow... :O)
I wish you all a nice day!!!