giovedì 29 luglio 2010

I need this...NOW!!!!

Ok...I'm the my bed...
Outside is strongly raining...the temperatures fell doens't seem a nice summer night at all...

So...I would correct...I REALLY NEED to be there, on the wonderful beach of the picture...

Anybody else would like to be there????

mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

A work in progress...

Ok...yesterday after work, after dinner, after setting the kitchen and after a shower (...) I worked till late night to my wall quilt...

Actually... I only need to make 3 more blocks and then I can start to assembly the top...

Let's go girl...I can do it!!!! :O)

Have a nice day!!!!

lunedì 26 luglio 2010

A new quilt for my fireplace

I started a new wall quilt some months ago and since this was an UFO left alone on a chair on my sewing room...
I started it thinking that I'd need something new to hang on my fireplace sometimes happens...I start a new project with a lot of enthusiasm and then...I've lost this enthusiasm...on the road...

I started a gazillion of other projects after over my head is...full of UFO's...LOL!!!!

But this morning...I got up with a renewed enthusiasm, I took my centre medallion and...I start to sew the zig zag around the appliquè!
I worked on it for about 2 hours and I have to say that...I'm happy with the result...

Actually...I've made also some blocks, this will be a wallhanging with autumn colors theme...
In the next days, I'll go ahead working on this project and...please, follow here if you would like to see the final result...

If you would like to post a comment're very welcome...if I know that someone is following my WIP...I surely can't not finish it!!!! LOL!!!!

domenica 25 luglio 2010

Finally!!!! New Pouches in my shop!!!

Hi to all!
Today I'm so proud to announce my new line of pouches!
They feature different colors of stitches and a coordinating zipper on a same background made of 100% cotton fabric (black&white) and 100% of linen.Those pouches are well padded and quilted so they can hold all your things keeping them safely.
Plus they have a divider pocket inside so you can keep all your things organized!

The stitches details can be made with any color of your choice so they are easly costumized!
They measures 8"x5" so a generous size but...not too big!
They can be used as a every day pouch but they are also so stylish so you can use them also for...a night party!!!

I'd love so much to hear your feedbacks about them!

martedì 20 luglio 2010

My Wallet: a new PDF E-PATTERN

I've just added a new PDF E-Pattern in my shop!
It's a very cute and unique quilted wallet!
It features 3 pockets for your credit cards, business cards, driver licence...and a zippered pocket for your money and coins!
I'll show you how to make it in the easiest way, step by step, with a tutorial full of pictures, directions and diagrams!
You'll can make great gifts with it!!!

Please, let me know what do you think about it!
I'll looking forward to hear from you!!!!

domenica 18 luglio 2010

A beautiful Sunday!!!

Finally today, after so many not nice at all was really a great one!!!!
We got up this morning and...OMG...the sky was blue...BLUE!!!!
Can you believe this?
well...surely you are thinking that it's not strange at all that the sky was blue...we are in summer season...
Ok...that's true...but...if you live like me in the north of spent the last 3 weeks under a always grey sky, very hot temperature...and...about 90% of humidity...
So...get up with a blue sky...surely was a very nice surprise!!!!

We (hubby and me) decided to go to mountain...we have lots of wonderful mountains here around and so, after about 1 hour drive...we found this nice place you can see in my pictures.
Along the road...there were about...a GAZILLION of, bikes, bycicle, trucks, really seemed that with this wonderful sky...nobody would like to stay at home...LOL!!!!

It was really not easy to find this nice and...isolated place...hubby and I were the only 2 people there...the air was so fresh, the sun shining, no noise a little paradise...
So we spent our Sunday there...reading and getting a bit of tan!

All around there were lots of cows, sheeps, birds and multicolored human people...LOL!!!

It was really a relaxing Sunday...the one you dream about all the week at work...'s already ended and tomorrow we must go to work again...
But, if next Sunday the sky will be blue again, our little piece of paradise will be there again waiting us!
Hope your Sunday was so nice like mine too!!!

venerdì 16 luglio 2010

A new bag for me!

I have to say that I love bags and pouches, they are my passion!
I would love to have a bag with her coordinated pouch for every day of the week...mmm...maybe more than for the morning, one for the afternoon at for the evening-night...LOL!!!!

But you know...nice bags...are so expensive...
But...I loooove handmade bags so much and I love to make them myself...
Nothing is better than dress yourself, bring your new bag (probably finished just few minutes before...LOL) and go out, waiting to meet some friends and share your new wonderful bag and hear theyr comments...

So, with all those things in mind...I made myself this nice bag and it's coordinated pouch...
The fabric is a nice one from Ikea, so...very sturdy, very easy to work with and...not expensive at all...
The pattern I chose for the bag is very easy and fast to sew and I'm very happy with the result!
I think I'll make others with other fabrics, probably also for winters, changing the handles that are great for summer...
Have a nice day!!!!

lunedì 12 luglio 2010

New additions to my Etsy shop!

I tought that I would add something new in my shop and so...I decided to add some PDF patterns!
If you never create a PDF sewing pattern...I have to say that it's really a long work if you would like to make it in the right way!
When I say "right way", I mean with lots of pictures and accurate descriptions that help the sewer(that could be also a beginner), step by step, till the finish product in the easiest way.
I love to sew, I love to create new things and now...I started this new adventure and...I love so much make patterns and tutorials!
Actually I'm working to a very cute and a bit different wallet, the pattern and tutorials will be ready soon!
So, please, let me know what do yu think about my patterns and also...what kind of patterns would you find listed in my shop!
I'd love to hear from you!!!!

domenica 11 luglio 2010

The fabulous world of Tilda

Hi to all!
Probably lots of you already knows Tilda's creations, they are beautiful, so sweet and they make perfect gifts for you, your home, friends, family!
When you start make can't stop!!!
So, I started making somw nice Geese, I put them on my table and they looks great!

Then...I made an angel for my bathroom: it requires lots of work but...I'm so happy with the result! My Mom and sister now...would love to have one too...

Then I tried to make this Jewerly Mannequin and...I have to say that I love it too...
I bought 2 Tilda's books lately and every time I opne them...I start to dream about filling my whole house with those wonderful projects... my wish list...there are other Tilda's books...

venerdì 9 luglio 2010

Some Gifts I made...

Hi to all!
I'm back finally!
My last post was in Winter and now finally...Summer is here...
Not a wonderful summer here in the north of Italy were I live...ok...temperatures are so hight at the moment but...the sky is not blu and the sun is not shining as usually the do in Summer season...
Actually the sky is...GREY...all around is wet, humid GRRR!!!!!
Hopefully next week will be a little bit better...we will see...

Well...during past months, I made some nice gifts...and now I would love to show them to you...
The 1st one, is a baby quilt I made for "Marco".
Marco is a beautiful little guy, he's so adorable and he is the son of a dear friend...
This is the baby quilt I made for him:

I made some log cabin blocks and I embroidered (by machine) some really cute little animals, I put all together and...this is the quilt...

Then I made a gift for another little baby, a sweet little girl, "Emma".One of my friends became Grandmather (but she's sooooo young!!!) so I made something for her little Honey... I made some baby bibs, a stuffed heart with her name embroidered on it and a little angel appliquè and a drawstring bag that holds all her gifts...

Last but not least...I made 3 stuffed hearts and a coordinated drawstring bag for a Dear friend. There are the words "Live, Love, Laughts" machine embroidered on them and also on the bag.

Hope you like my creations...