lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

Swetness for Breakfast

Hello My Friends!
How are you today?
It's a cloudy, cold and a bit snowy Monday morning here and so...I got up with the idea to bake myself something sweet for breakfast and...TADAAAAA!!!
This is the recipe for my quick , easy and delicious muffins (they are not properly muffin...)


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for about 15 seconds or until you reach a cream...
Now take your muffins' molds and put about 1 tablespoon of cream in each one.
Put them in a preheated oven at about 180 degrees for 10 minutes...
You're done!!!!
Easy isn't it?
They are perfect for tea...
This is the basic recipe can add anything you'd like in them!
I love them in this way but from time to time I add a teaspoon of jam to each one...
I'd like to know if you'll try them!!!
Sweet week to you all!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Dany.

domenica 20 gennaio 2013

Crochet blanket

 Hi there!!!!
How are you today?
We got snow past night, lot of now all around is white and cold...

The perfect weather for crafting...
I'm going ahead with my crochet blanket but...not sure I should...
I love the pattern, so easy and so nice but...I think it's a bit too "chunky"

And I think it requires so much yarn and I only have 3 big balls...
So, I'm not sure I'll like it...
I think I could make a striped granny square blanket using less yarn...
What do you think?
Any suggestion?

Here there are some pics of the snow outside...BRRRR...

What are you doing today?
I wish you all a great Sunday!!!!
Love, Dany.

domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Hello my Friends!!!!!!!
How are you today?
Here it's a cloudy and cold effect we are expecting snow...
I really hope will not snow can snow in the mountain but...not here...LOL!!!

I love snow but...I would like to be able to take my car out of the garage and...if it snow...I can't do it...

Anyway...I need to work on new projects at this time for keep my mind busy and also for relax myself...

I saved tons and tons of wonderful projects on Pinterest but...I feel soooo much lazy and demotivated lately and...I didn't start anything new...

Now...I've got 3 big big balls of a wonderful grey yarn and...I decided to make myself a blanket...
I found crocheting so much relaxing and so...I'm going ahead with this idea.
I'm browsing the web for searching a pattern that I like and...I found  tons of them.
But one particularly catch my attention: it's called brain dead and...the name...says soooo much about it...LOL!!!!
You have to make a chain, then the first row in a way and...from the second to the last always work the same way...LOL!!!!!
Can you find something easier than this???? also looks  very pretty!
So now...I'm going to start it and then I'll let you know how it is going...

What are you doing today?
Anything exciting? Any new project?
I'd love to hear from you!!!
In the meantime, I wish you all a lovely Sunday!!!!!
Hugs, Dany.

mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Happy New Year!!!

My Dear Friends,
the new year is just started and I hope it will bring us good health, happyness, joy for the simple things...

Our life is always so busy and sometimes intricate...I hope it will be a little bit easier...

So, this is my wish for all of us!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!
Love, Dany.