lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Petrol Green: a must for this season

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Hello and Happy Monday!!!
How are you today?
It's a beautiful day today here, fresh and with a wonderful blue sky!

So, today I found some nice images about Petrol Green...
Do you like it? The first time I saw it I think I could never wear anything with this color but now, I have to say, that I've totally changed my mind...
Now...I love it!!!!
I'm crocheting myself a scarf with this color and I'm going to love it so much...
It's awesome with black but also so stylish with grey, rusty orange, brown...
Perfect for Fall!!!
What do you think?
Are you a "fan" of this color "hate" it?
Have a nice day!!!

venerdì 23 settembre 2011

4 Seasons Swap: Fall

Hi my friends!!!
how are you today?
I can say I'm fine cause it's Friday evening here and...the week end is officially started!!!!! YAY!!!!

Well, today I would like to show you what I made for my 4 seasons swap - Autumn -
The members of this swap are my dear friends Nico, Chiara and Simo and this was the last round of our swap! :O(

So...I decided to make some autumn/halloween inspired Quilted Mug Rug!

I've never made mug rugs before but I have to say that I will be so hard to stop!!!!
They are so much fun to make and...really so usefull!!!
So, here there are 3 mug rugs I made:

I've also added some tea bags, wrapped them nicely and sent them to my friends!
If you like mug rugs, you can also find them in  my Etsy Shop!
And...others will be added soon!!!
I think they make really cute little presents that are so appreciated from anyone!
Do you like and do you use mug rug?
What kind of them you prefere?

So, what are you doing this week end?
Here around there are lots of country fairs so I think I will go visit some...they are always so nice, especially in autumn with pumpkins and other autumn products!!!
Have a nice week end!!!

lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Do you like Pumpkins?

I Did!
I love the color, I love the shape, I love the way they look in a field...
They are the maximum expression of Autumn for me and when I saw them in a field or in a yard, they make me happy with that brillian rusty orange!!!!
And...of course...I also loooove theyr taste...soups, cakes...
What about you?
Do you like them!
Have a nice Monday!

venerdì 16 settembre 2011

Aubergine for Fall

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Hello my friends!!!!
how are you today?
I'm totally in love with aubergine color in Fall...I think it's beautiful, so fashion and it's easy to wear it with anything...
Images via web
So...which is your favourite color palette to wear for fall?

mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

Got new manicure!

how are you today? was a day like many others: houseworks, cooking, laundry and then office...
Nothing of special so but...I got a bit of time for myself and...I've got a new manicure!
I love it so much, it is so bright and shine and I find it so delicate... added a nice touch to a "very normal" day...
What do you do  lately just for yourself?
Love, Dany

lunedì 12 settembre 2011

Fresh Pics from a Fall Garden

Hi and Happy Monday to you all!!!
Today I would like to show you some fresh pics from the garden...
So, you can see grapes...
Hot Chily Pepper




And ok...I don't exactly know what this is but...I love the foliage...LOL... this surely know that...this is not my garden Dad's one...
Hope you enjoy the visit, my Dad is soooo good in gardening and he's so proud of his garden!!!!
You rock Dad!!!!
p.s. we always have fresh veggies to eat in this way and this is great!
Love, Dany

domenica 11 settembre 2011

Ok, it's officially: I HATE MOSQUITOES!!!!

Good Morning my friends!
It's Sunday, it's a beautiful day outside but...I'm not in the right mood this morning...
I tought time for mosquitoes bites was ended but...I was wrong...
I got up this morning with 5 new bites... :O(

It seems that lately...I'm theyr favourite food and...I really don't know why...
In the past, I've never had big problems with mosquitoes but this's just crazy!!!!
I tried with sprays in the air, I tried with geranium plants, I tried with basil (ok...someone told me that they don't like basil so if you have a bit of it always near you you should be safe...), I tried with AUTAN but...never seems to work with them...

I'm not able to stop them...
Do you know some old remedy?
I'm just exausted to be a "mosquitoes pic nic"...LOL!!!

Happy Sunday!
Love, Dany

sabato 10 settembre 2011

Waiting For Fall

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Hello Friends!!!!
It's Saturday morning here so the week end is officially started!
I will have a busy week end, planning to sew and crochet a bit for adding new things in my Etsy Shop.
So...surely...I will have fun!!!
What are you planning for this week end?

The sky is so blue this morning, no clouds anywhere and the air is so fresh...
This remember me that...Fall is just around the corner...
I do love Fall with its blue skyes, awesome foliage colors, fresh air, not too hot but...not still cold...
It's a magic season, full of promises and inspirations all around!
I'll do miss summer, that's for sure, I'm more a summer girl but...I will be happy to Welcome a new Fall season!
So, which is your favourite season of the year?

Happy Week End my friends!!!!!
Love, Dany

mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Shopping Day

Hello my friends!!!!!
how are you today?
I'm fine and...we are already in the middle of the week so...week end is not too far...LOL!!!

Well, I would like to show you what I bought on Monday...
Monday we had our annual fair here in town with lots and lots of stands selling anything...from food to clothes...
I found a wonderful stand that sold painting, pictures, vintage objects and decorations and so...I can't resist!!!!
I bought the wonderful painting (pic) you can see in the picture. It's already hanged on the wall, just over the fireplace...
I was (I AM!!!) a big big fan of "Happy Days" and when I saw it...believe me...I really could not leave it there...LOL!!!!
Isn't it fabulous???? :O)

Ok, then I found this super cute piece and I decided that it will stay in my sewing room, probably filled with buttons...
Then, I found this pretty clock, too cute for leave it there too...LOL!!!!
This will take place in my sewing room too!!!
Another "happy found" was this wooden sign saying "cucina" that means "kitchen" in italian.
It's adorable and I'm making some hearts to hang on it!
And's our tradition (Mommy and me) to buy something that you can only find on fairs and so...every year, we come home with something unusual, strange, maybe odd...and...sometimes...absolutely not functional...LOL!!!!
So, this year, I bought a pair of scissors with 5 blades...they are useful for cut anything in the kitchen: herbs, salade, tomatoes...or at least...this is what the man who was selling them said...LOL!!!!!
Anyway, it was a fun morning (oh yes...I bought all these things in few hours because in the afternoon...I went to work...LOL)!!!
So, can't wait for next fair...who can know what I'll bring at home...LOL!!!!
So...what about you?
Do you like fairs?
And...what usually do you buy on fairs?
Love, Dany