domenica 24 giugno 2012

One Hour Clutch

Hello My Friends!!!!
How are you today?
It's a lovely Sunday here and in a few minutes, I'll go in my yard trying to get a bit of tan...
I loooove sun and I loooove having relax under it...LOL!!!

But now...I'm here to show you my new E-Pattern: ONE HOUR CLUTCH.

This clutch ir really fast to make and so stylish.
It's the perfect size for hold all what you need to have always with you...
It measures 8 inches side by side and 6 inches from top to bottom.

It requires about 1 hour to make so you can make one to match any of your outfits!!!!

But it also make a great one for your friends too...

Made with sparkly fabrics, or in black with rhynestones, or silk, may be a perfect cute and stylish  evening bag...

If you'd like it, you can find it HERE IN MY SHOP.

Thanks for stopping here today and...Happy Saturday to you all!!!!!
Love, Dany

martedì 5 giugno 2012

15 Minutes Halter Top

Hello My Friends!!!!
How are you going?
Tonight I'm alone at home, hubby went out for a pizza with friends so...I decided to sew a bit...

This morning I was browsing  on the web and...found a fabulous tutorial for make an Halter Top out of a T-Shirt...
I immediately fell in love with this so easy tutorial and decided to make mine!!!
So...this was my starter point: an old and UGLY T-Shirt...

I started following instructions for the marking and cutting:

As you can see from the pic...I was following step by step the video tutorial...
Point 1: Marking

Point 2. Cutting

Point 3: folding and sewing (sorry...I was so totally addicted that I forgot to take pics of the sewing process...)

All the work requires me just 15 minutes...amazing!!!!
Now I  have my old T-Shirt turned out into a so sexy summer halter top!!!! YAY!!!!
But...if it's too sexy for it is for can make a strip to wear under it...

I sewed a black strip to wear under it and it still looks amzing!!!
I'm definitely will make more fast, so stylish!!!!

If you like it, you can make your own following this awesome TUTORIAL.
So...time to go to bed for me right now...I will dream about some new stylish tops to make...LOL!!!!
Love, Dany.