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TUTORIAL: How to make an embroidered Birthday card

Hi to all again!
Well...this is my very first tutorial ever so, please, be kind with me...LOL!!!
Past week I needed a Birthday card for a friend in Holland, he's a very cute guy I met about 20 years ago when I was in High School...
My school went to Paris for 5 days and his school too so...we met there...
And...after 20 years...we still exchanges every years birthday cards, Xmas and Easter cards and also some letters!
BTW...I went to the shop but I didn't find a cute card for Addry (this is his name) so...I decided to make one...

This is what you need:
- a nice piece of cardboard
- a scrap of fabric
- threads
- ruler
- rotary cutting or scissors
- stabilizer
- envelope
- sticker or adhesive (optional)

Ok, first of all, you must choose an embroidery design that you like: remember that you can make a birthday card in this way too or an Easter card, a Xmas card,a get well soon card, a baby shower card...
So, choose the embroidery design for the event you are celebrating!
Embroidery the design with your sewing machine (if you don't have one, you can do the embroidery by hand, or you can do a cute appliquè, or also you can find a fabric that have already a cute scene on it!).

Ok, now that the embroidery is done, you have to fold the cardboard in half and resize it to fit the envelope you chose.

At this point, you have to resize your embroidered fabric too: keep your cardboard and resize the fabric.
You can make your fabric bigger or smaller, just keep in mind that you have to stitch all around it to secure it to the cardboard.

Ok, you're almost done.
Find a nice stitch (I used the straight stich and then a little zig zag, in this way I made a frame) and stitch your piece of fabric on to the cardboard.
You can't pin it on the cardboard but if you would like, it could help to add a small sticker or adhesive on the back of the fabric, in the centre of it so you will be sure that you'll don't "find" it under the needle of your sewing machine!
Sew all around your fabric using a decorative stitch and...voilà!!!
Your card is ready to be shipped!!!!!
Ok, I hope that this tutorial can be useful for someone, feel free to ask if you'd need other information and...please, let me know...what do you think about it...
I'm thinking to make other tutorials but I need to know if in this way, they are understandable!!!
Thank you and...HAPPY SEWING!!!!

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  1. Grazie per il bellissimo tutorial! Non credevo fosse possibile fare card ricamate!!

  2. Hehe, that must take forever if I had to sew it by hand! What a lovely card to sent to your friend! Lovely tutorial - will you come with your sewing machine so you can teach me how to sew? :)

  3. sono contenta che ti sia piaciuto Knitting, spero ti sia utile!!!!

  4. thanks Mitsy!!!!
    I can come there for sure!!!!
    it should be fun to sew together and you can teach me a gazillion of wonderful things while I'm teaching you to sew!!!!!!

  5. WoW! Che bella!
    Grazie per il tutorial ^^

  6. ciao RedFEnyx!!! grazie a te per averlo letto!!!!

  7. Muito legal seu Blog, um forte abraço e Jesus te abençoe.


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