domenica 13 settembre 2009

The most famous squirrel of the world!!!!

Do you know this picture?
This is actually the most famous squirrel of the world!!!
This fun pic is everywhere on the web and this little squirrel is just too much cute!!!!!

The "story" is that the guys behind the squirrel decided to take a picture of themselves with theyr camera...
Ok...they used the "auto" click of the camera, chose a nice place that shows the beautiful scenery around and...OPSSS!!!
The squirrel was there while the camera take the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is sooooo much fun!!!!!
Just love to share this with you!!!! :O)
Have a great Sunday!!!!

4 commenti:

  1. Noooo è bellissimo!!!!!! Ah ah!!

  2. Danyyyyy????? l'avevo visto su Vanity Fair di un numero di Agosto.... fortissimo, vero?

  3. ciao Simo!!! si, si, davvero troppo carino!!!!


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