venerdì 16 agosto 2013

Grandmather's Flower Garden Runner

Hello my Friends!!!!
How are you?
How is your Summer going?
I didn't write so much lately...well...really...I didn't write at all...LOL!!!
So Today I would love to show you what I'm working on...

I'm making a Grandmathe's Flower Garden runner for my kitchen table...
I chose fall colors so I have to finish it before Fall...LOL!!!
I always loved so much this pattern but I know it's a bit tricky...
I'm sewing it all by hand using some plastic templates I bought several years ago...

I have to say that...I love hand sew...I find it so relaxing and I can bring these little hexagons with me everywhere and work on them easily...
In effect lately I didn't sew so much...I needed to start to sew again and this seems  the perfect project!

Few years ago I made myself a kind of portable workstation for hand sew or embroidery and I'm finding it so useful too!

Hope to be able to post my progresses soon!
Does anyone have any idea how to finish this runner?
I mean...I never made  Grandmather's flower garden and I know it's a bit tricky add batting and backing because of the hexagons...
Any help will be soooo appreciated!!!!!