mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

I won a giveaway!!!!!

Hi to all!!!
last week I partecipated in Dina Fragola's blog giveaway and this morning I found an envelope in the mail and...what a lovely surprise!!!
The Cute Kitsch It Yourself bag contain a real little treasure!!!!
I love it sooooo much!!!!
Thanks so much for this cute give away Nathalie!!!!!

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  1. Hi HappyBee! Lovely to meet you :-) Thanks for coming to visit my blog- I must say that I'm very excited that you're from Italy! It is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to. xxx

  2. Thanks a lot ^_^ I am glad you like your goodie bag!

  3. Hi Sandra!
    thanks so much for your kindness!!!!

  4. Hi Nathalie!!! I looooove it!!!!!!

  5. Congratulazioni! Sembra proprio un bel giveaway! ;D

  6. Congrats! how fun! and such cute treasures!

  7. uff,io partecipo sempre ai giveaway con entusiasmo, e non vinco mai niente :-)

  8. Do you mind telling me what shop you won that from? I would love to have a look at their shop,thank you

  9. Hi Burning Moon!
    the shop is Dina Fragola, she has a cute shop!!!


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