venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

4 seasons swap!

Some years ago I met 3 wonderful Girls through the Web: Nico, Chiara and Simo.
We immediately became great friends also if we live in 4 differents regions in Italy...

But, every year we try to organize a meeting for spend a bit of time together, usually a couple of days sewing, chatting, eating, laughing!
And...every day, we exchange emails!!!
We all are a bit crazy and...we are crafters!
We created a group and so we are C4P (that means Crazy For Patch).

Now...we organized a swap between us...a 4 season swap!
We already did the winter swap and now we are ready to prepare something nice and cute for the Spring one!

Chiara made this wonderful image for remember us the swap, thanks Chiara!!!!
I love you all so much my dear Crazy friends!!!!!

2 commenti:

  1. Me too dear Dany!!!
    Hi hi hi!!!!

  2. don't forget that VI LOVVO TUTTE crazy! ;-)


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