sabato 5 febbraio 2011

This week end: Learn to crochet

Hi to all!!!'s Saturday again!!!!
It was a very hard week at work for me and so...I need to relax and the better way I know for relax myself my crafts!!!

Well...this week end I NEED to teach myself to crochet!!!
I absolutely LOVE all the wonderful things you can create with some colorful yarns and a crochet hook...amazing!!!

So, this morning I went to the open market and I bought some cute and colorful yarns, then I found some crochet hooks that I already have (they came from my Grandma...) and...I'm ready to start!

It's so hard here around to find someone that teach crochet so...I found some video lessons on you tube, I bought a book...I found some tutorial on internet and some easy pattern and...3...2...1...LET'S GO!!!!

I'll keep you posted about my progress...

Did someone of you learn to crochet in this way? do you think it's possible?

If you have any tips or suggestions for me, please, post them here, they surely will be so helpful!!!

I have to say that both my Grandmothers were so good in crochet and also in knitting but...when I was a child...I was not interested at all to learn this...

So...I'm really so disappointed with myself my Grandmathers passed away and I loose forever the possibilty to learn from them...

Ok...I'm ready to start my full immersion...
Which plans do you have for this week end?
Have you all a wonderful week end!!!!

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  1. Non ti preocupare.
    I 've learnt a lot with youtube and internet. There's no better teacher you decide the class time, can repeat the lesson thoussands of times.
    IT'S MORE THAN POSSIBLE. Don't worry!

  2. thank you so much Monicacara!
    it's a relief to know this!!!
    I'm doing my best for learn as much I can!!!

  3. Crocheting is very easy to learn, I'm sure you will learn from books and videos! :) Good luck with your new hobby! :D

  4. Thank you Merry!!!!
    I'm loving it soooo much!!!


    look here, there are lots of patterns and books.
    In this book(100 flowers)in the beginig there is also an explanation of the stiches.
    I hope you are enjoying your crochet weekend... :)

  6. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much Monicacara!!!!!


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