lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

I have the pleasure to introduce you...

This cute and sweet little giraffe is my VERY FIRST attempt to make a amigurumi...
I have to say that...I'm so happy with the result...
I just fell in love for amigurumi and when I found this super cute pattern at Irene Shop ...I can't resist!!!
Surely...Fumy will not be alone for long time...I have to try something else immediately...too much fun!!!!

I think Amigurumi are great for gifts and also for have some hours of fun crocheting!!
Yesterday I made this with a friend and we chatted all the afternoon and laughed so much as it was the 1st attempt for both of us!

Hope you like my tiny giraffe!!!!

Thanks Irene for this super cute pattern!!!

Have a nice day!!!

8 commenti:

  1. Wow Dany, bellissima!
    Se provi a fare un gufetto sai già a chi lo puoi regalare, he he he!!!!

  2. che bella!! Complimenti, sei bravissima

  3. grazie Chiara!
    infatti...sto già cercando gufetti... :O)
    Grazie Irene!!!!!!

  4. veramente bravissima!
    hai aperto la cassa di Pandora.
    C'è un mondo per scoprire sul crochet....

  5. grazie Monicacara! in effetti...credo di aver scoperto una nuova passione... :O)
    ci sono un milione di cose che voglio provare!!!!

  6. Ta girafe est tellement mignonne !!!! Bravo, bravo !!! Elle est vraiment très réussie et tellement jolie !!! :-D

  7. Just happened on your blog . . . and wanted to say the giraffe is so sweet!!

  8. Merci Nathalie!!!!!
    tu est tres gentile!!!!
    Thank you so much Wasabi!!!!
    I'm sooo happy that my tiny giraffe is getting all this love!!!!


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