martedì 8 febbraio 2011

Learn to crochet: part two

this is what I learn last week about crocheting!
I just love those small squares!
Ok...I know...there aren't perfect...they are so far to the perfection but, anyway...I'm proud of what I teached to myself... mind is flying thinking of what I could do with those squares...
My first tought was...a afghan...
Usually...when I start new projects...I'm not able to make things easy and quick...I always have to start something big and very time consuming...
And so... I have soooo much UFO's...LOL!!!!
But...those squares seems to be perfect for a blanket or afghan...what do you think? the meantime I'll work on them...I would love to make some crochet flowers...I found some very nice patterns to try...
I'll let you know!!!
Now...going crocheting... :O)

4 commenti:

  1. beautiful ! i think you are really good ! and they look perfect to me. the color scheme is fabulous ! an afghan or even a nice pillow ? can't wait to see the end result. ^-^
    happy week end to you xxx

  2. Oh, you have done a wonderful job!! You should definitely be proud of yourself. :D

  3. thank you Ponder!!!
    I'm crocheting like a crazy's soooo addicting...LOL!!!


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