sabato 13 agosto 2011

Some colors in this odd summer

Hello my friends!!!
how are you?
I would love to show you my latest crochet creation...a colorful and happy shawl!!!
Some times ago I bought some skeins of yarns because I would love to make a blanket...
Well...I still never made that I decided to use them for make a shawl!
I don't know if also in other countries this summer is not a real summer like here in the Norht of Italy...
I have to say that this is the 1st week that we are having nice weather but...our summer is almost finished...
We have had always grey sky, rain, cold, wind...amazing isn't it?
So I tought that some colorful yarns could bring me the summer spirit...!!!!
So...this is what I made...

I've had sooo much fun making it and I love the way it turned out!
Probably it will be my Mom next Xmas present...
I still have other skeins of the same yarns in different colors so surely I'll make others!
They are so fun and easy to make and you can make it while you are watching television, chatting...
Hope you like it!
Have a nice Saturday!!!!

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  1. Che colori stupendi!
    Dany, stai diventando una vera esperta!


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