mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY TWO

How are you today?
This is my 2nd day of diet and...all is going well...

So, this is my today menu...
BREAKFAST: 125 gr of natural yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of cornflakes, 1 tablespoon of muesly and 1 apple cutted in smal a cup of white tea.
I have to say that today was much better then yesterday because I mixed all together with the apple that is sweet and so the yogurt was not bad...I love yogurt so much but...not the natural one...LOL!!1
But...believe me, this mix is delicious!!!

I drinked another cup pf white tea in the middle of the morning...
LUNCH: 80 gr of integral pasta with ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil...soooooo yummy!!!!!!
1 cup of white tea in the middle of the afternoon...

DINNER: sea bass cooked in the oven with only aromatic herbs and lemon (I eated only half fish) and a salade of bolied french bens with tomatoes and egg (ok...I didn't eat the egg...only my hubby could eat it...LOL) and a slice of melon.

Ok...I can say...DAY TWO...I FEEL GOOD... ;o)
Hugs, Dany

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  1. i know i should go on a diet too, but i do not have your strenth. I just love to eat! teehee ! if you do not like natural yougurt, try it with berries, yummy! ibuy the vanilla flavored one, don't know if you do have that in Italy ?
    so good to hear from you ! take care !


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