giovedì 18 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY TREE

Day three is here...LOL!!!!
Ok, let's start with the menu...
BREAKFAST: always the same...125 gr of natural yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of muesli and 1 tablespoon of cornflakes plus 1 appled cutted in small pieces...and of course...a cup of white tea...
I'm goin to love this breakfast and this is incredible as in the past...mmm...20 years I breakfast was always the same: hot milk with coffee and a change...LOL!!!!

1 cup of white tea in the middle of the morning

LUNCH: salade of carrots and cherry tomatoes with small pieces of feta cheese and 2 rice delicious! Don't forget a cup of white tea...LOL!!!

Another cup of white tea in the middle of the afternoon...
And...OMG...a colleague brought to office a wonderful cake...with cream, chocolate and looked sooooooo yummy and soooo delicious and...I said...NO THANKS...!!!!!! what a pain... ;O)

DINNER: I cooked turkey with rosemary, sage, onion  and some powder spices, plus salt, pepper and...some pieces of lime...I never cooked it before and I have to say that it tasted so good!
Plus...a green salade with tomatoes and 2 slices of melon.

After dinner we went out for 1 hour of fit walking and...I feel great now!
But...tomorrow...mmm...will be the day that for the first time I'll check my weight...
I really hope that...I'm loosing something but...I'll let you know tomorrow...
Please...wish me good luck...LOL!!!!
What did you eat today? please, make me dreaming...LOL!!!!!
Hugs, Dany

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  1. Your menu sounds good! Wow, what a self-control with that cake! Good for you, it's nice to hear that you're feeling great :) I should go for diet too, I eat chocolate and other junk every day, all because I'm sugar holic and always look comfort from sugar when tired or upset. That makes me engorge and I should loose ten pounds... Don't worry so much about losing weight (you don't need to, I checked a couple previous posts where you told your weight). The main thing is that you're feeling good! :) Have a lovely weekend!


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