venerdì 26 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY ELEVEN!!!!

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 Hello My Friends!!!
How are you?
I'm fine and...I'm sooooo HAPPY!!!!
I didn't post anything about my diet in the last days but...this not mean that I stopped it...I go ahead...strongly...LOL...and this morning...was the "checking day".
So...I check my weight and...DRUMROLL...2 KILOS LOST...TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

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I'm so happy about this result especially because I eat more well in this period then usual...I things that...taste wonderfully but...are so bad for our body and healt...
And...I really feel great!!!!

I learn to cook and eat in a better way and to appreciate simple this is great for me!!!
Now...I still have 4 days left but...I don't think I will have problems following this way...
I wish you all a wonderful Friday!!!!

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  1. I am also trying to eat more healthy, whole foods at the moment and like you, I feel great. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations!! Keep it up :)

  3. Wow, sound GOOD! Congratulations! :)

  4. Ok, ma finiti i 15 giorni che si fa?
    Congratulazioni cmq per i tuoi risultati!

  5. I have something for you in my blog ^-^

    Have a happy sunday!

  6. in effetti Chiara questa è una dieta depurativa di 15 gg ma poi puoi continuare seguendo le linee guida di questa dieta per tenerti in forma ed è quello che farò io...


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