martedì 30 agosto 2011

15 Days of Diet: DAY FIFTEEN...LAST DAY!!!!

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how are you today my friends?
I feel...GREAT!!!!
Today was the fifteen day of my diet and so...the last day!!!!
I'm so proud of myself cause I followed this's only a 15 days diet's a diet...LOL!!!
Especially for who, like me, loves candies, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, ice many wonderful things to eat there are in the world...'s hard to not taste them...

Anyway, in  15 days I've lost 2 kilos and I'm happy about the result!

Tomorrow...ok, tomorrow will be my 1st day of non-diet but...I think I will follow the guide lines of this diet because I would not like to gain immediately my kilos...LOL!!!

Plus...the summer-break is almost ended and so in about 2 weeks, I'll start again to go to the gymnasium twice a week...

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It's not easy to eat less and only "right" food but...I will body deserve this!!!
Love, Dany

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