venerdì 19 agosto 2011

15 days of Diet: DAY FOUR + a new crochet project!

how are you today?
well...first of all...let me say that...I LOOSE 1 KILOS!!!!!YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
This morning I got up and...I was so worry about checking the weight and...surprise...1 kilos less!!!!!'s easier to go ahead now...LOL!!!

Today was my 4th day of diet and...this was the menu:
BREAKFAST:'s always the same...
125 gr of natural yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of cornflakes and 1 tablespoon of muesli with 1 apple cut in small pieces + a cup of white tea.
I could change my breakfast, for example I can have a glass of milk with barley coffe plus 2 rusk bread with jam or 1 natural yogurt with 2 biscuits and fresh fruit but actually...I like more my breakfast...

1 cup of white tea in the middle of the morning

LUNCH: ok...also today I cooked 80 gr of integral pasta with ricotta cheese and cherry tomatoes plus basil...and 1 cup of white tea...I love this so much...
There are lots of other things I can eat but...Idon't like some of them at all, or...I can't find some of them...or...some are not quick to do so...I'm choosing what I like the most and it's easier and fast to prepare!

1 cup of white tea in the middle of the afternoon

DINNER: I cooked sea bass again with a salade of carrots, corns, french beans and tomatoes plus 2 rice gallettes and 1 slice of melon.

So...also the 4th day is..."done" and...I feel good and...happy...LOL!!!

Now...ok...I'm on diet but...I'm also doing other things...not only eat less...LOL!!!
I started a new crochet shawl, here it is:
When I saw it...I fell in love with it and...had to try it!!!
If you like it, you can find the pattern HERE and it's free!!!
So...I started it and this is what I've done so far:
It's similar to the grey shawl I made some months ago but this time I made it with wool should be perfect for Autumn and winter I think!
I love the pineapple motif, it seems so intricate but it's easy to do and the result is awesome!

I chose a beautiful yarn, part wool and part bamboo, so soft and the color is a shade of periwinkle...I love it!          
Ok my friends, it's all for today, see you tomorrow!!!!
Have a great Friday night!!!!
Hugs, Dany

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  1. Cavolo Dany, 1 Kg, fantastico!!!
    Non è che me la passeresti, questa dieta??? :-)

    Bellissimo il nuovo lavoro, trovo splendido il verde usato nel campione, ma anche il colore che hai scelto tu è bello... torno anch'io a "hobbiggiare" (?) un pò... :-)

  2. certo, te la passo volentieri!!! :O)
    anche a me piaceva molto quel verde ma nel negozio dove mi servo non aveva nulla di simile... :O(
    magari x il prox...!!!


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