sabato 20 agosto 2011

It's Hot Outside...

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 It's incredibly hot today outside and...I think one of this should be perfect for refreshing a bit...
What do you think?
How about the weather where you live?
Happy Saturday!!!

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  1. It's hot in Texas too!! I neeeeed one of those popsicles! Yum :)

  2. It is hot here too. Let us enjoy it, Fall will arrive before we know it!

    Here's to a wonderful weekend xxxx

  3. what yummy pictures ! hot weather means enjoying and diving in the water if youhave the chance. or sit in tha shade and enjoy those yummy refreshing ice pops and fruits. ^_^
    here in Quebec,Canada,the mornings are starting to be cooler. we can definitely feel the change of the season.
    have a wonderful day ! xx

  4. oh, i meant to tell you " go girl go ! ! don't give up on your diet, so proud of you ! and your shawl is abolutely lovely. Wish i could have the time to make one for myself. hugs to you xoxo


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