lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Italian Tomato Sauce Recipe

 Hi my friends!!!
How are you today?
Well...if you like Pasta and Tomato Sauce, this is the recipe for you!
I made this 2 days ago and would like to share it with you, thinking that maybe someone could like to try it!

First, you need fresh tomatoes (of course...LOL), better if they are homegrown...

 Wash very well your tomatoes...

 Cut them into big pieces and put them into a mixer

 Blend tomatoes reducing them into cream and put them in a big casserole

Now take some vegetables and spices...
I used  celery, sage, onion and basil...
Put them into the mixer, blend them reducing them into a crem as you did before for the tomates
Add this cream to the tomato cream in your casserole, then add salt and extra virgin olive oil and cook it for about 40-45 minutes, mixing it gently with a wood tablespoon...

This is the result: you can put your tomato sauce into jars, put them into a big casserole, completely covered by water  and boil them for half an hour...
Put labels on  the jars and...
This tomato sauce is perfect for cooking pasta, but also meat, vegetables, eggs...or anything else you like!!!
You can save it for more than a year!!!
Hope you liked my recipe and please, if you try it...let me know!
Enjoy your meal my friends!!!!!

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