venerdì 25 marzo 2011

4 Seasons Swap: Spring

How are you all today?
here it's a beautiful day, so warm and sunny, the perfect day for this post!!!
Well...I organized with my friends Nico, Chiara e Simo a 4 seasons swap as I already wrote fews posts ago.
Now...the Spring swap is already done...YAY!!!!!

I made for my friends those pretty crochet necklaces, I found an easy tutorial HERE and I've had so much fun crocheting and also packaging my lariats, including instructions about how to wear them!

And...those are the beauties I've got in the mail...

A wonderful and so spring-y decorate big size clothes pin from Chiara, it's soooo adorable!!!

A felt butterfly and flower from Simo. They are super cute and I'm thinking to use them for decorate my magnetic memory board (this will be another post!!!).

And...last but not least at all...a sooooo sweet and wonderfully smelling tiny spring bear from Nico! It's so cute and his wonderful smell is a mix of spices and mint I think...

Now...I can't wait for Summer Swap!!!

Thanks so much my Dear Friends, you really made my day!!!!!

Vi voglio bene ragazze!!!!!!

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  1. Dany, mi hai battuta sul tempo!
    Anche la tua collana è favolosa... purtroppo non è più mia, Anna ha detto che sta meglio a lei e se l'è tenuta :-)


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