sabato 5 marzo 2011

It's Carnival time!!!!

It's Carnival here in my town this week end and as we will go to have dinner to my parent's house tonight...I decided to bake the typical carnival desser : "Bugie".
Bugie is the name that this "dessert" have in our area and the english translaction of Bugie is "lies"...
I really don't know why...LOL!!!

They are really easy to do and they taste sooooo delicious!!!!

The only "bad" things about them is that...after you make them...your house will smell "Bugie" for few days...LOL!!!!
But...this is a low "price" to pay for eat them... ;O)

If you would like to try there is my recipe:

500 grams all purpose flours
2 eggs
100 grams sugar
100 grams butter
3 teaspoons backing powder
200 ml white wine
2 tablespoon "grappa"
Oil for fry

Mix all the ingredients in a bow, first the liquid ones and then the dry ones.
Now knead all the ingredients and with a rolling pin make the dough so thin.
Then cut some rectangles and fry them in boiling oil until both surfaces are golden.
Put them on kitchen paper for take off the oil and put powder sugar on them.
And...enjoy them!!!!
Have a nice week end!!!!

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