sabato 12 marzo 2011

A new project

Hi and good Saturday my friends!!!
My long week end of relax is going well and I'm really enjoying it!!!This morning...I got a fresh and wonderful manicure, I'll show you it later...
As I found that crochet really gives me peace, joy and happiness...LOL...I started a new project!
I looked through my yarn stash and I found this beautiful variegated yarn with all the shades of autumn...
Ok...I know that we are really so close to spring but...this yarn really seemed so perfect to me for this project!

So...I started to crochet it and I'm loving the way is growing up through my hands!

This surely will help me to improve my crocheting skills and get a bit of practice for a future project that...I've already chose...

So...I have to work fast on this and...start that one...LOL!!!

Guess what this little triangle will be... ;O)

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