domenica 27 marzo 2011

Palm Trees Mania

Hi and Happy Sunday! It's officially...Spring is here... :O) I can say this because my hubby got the yard fever and he gets it every year from Spring to late Autumn... He works every day lots of hours in a factory so...he can't wait to come home and...get a bit of relax in the yard... He really likes any kind of flower, plant, tree and he loves to work in the yard.
I think this is a kind of anti-stress theraphy that fortunately doesn't requires medicines!!!
This year...he got the "Palm Trees Mania"...he planted lots of new palm trees few days ago...all around the yard and I have to say they looks great!

Palm Trees always make me think to the sun, sea...vacation so they really make me happy also if I think that...he really planted too much of them...

But...shhh...please...don't let him know...LOL!!!!

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