lunedì 28 marzo 2011

A New Challenge


It's Monday again and's time for a new challenge for myself...LOL!!!

I'm a crochet addicted lately and so, as I'm a beginner, every new project is a challenge for me! But this's a big one!!!!

When I saw this amazing shawl...I immediately decided that...I have to make one for my self!

I found the free pattern HERE and in no time...I went to the yarn shop and bought a beautiful yarn that is a mix of cotton and viscose. The color is awesome, a very bright pearl grey...

I found that the pattern is easy to follow also for a beginner but requires lots of hours of work and surely you can't make it while you are watching television...or at least...I can't! But this is the thing I love the most...I have to stay thuned with the pattern, it requires all my concentration and attention and so...while I'm making it...I can't think to anything else...job, housework, cooking, laundry...
I found this soooo mind relaxing!!!!!

Ok...this is what I've already done...I think it's turning out cute and I can't wait to wear it!

But I think I still need ..."few" hours of work on it...LOL!!!!

I'll keep you posted about my progresses!!!

Have a nice Monday and a great start of week!!!!


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  1. That yarn looks devine and the pattern is awesome! You're making me want to learn to crochet now.

  2. hello sweetie ^-^
    oh wow ! you are really good ! and you say you are a beginner ? oh, i am so envious ! i am a beginner too and want to make many crochet projects, but i don't beleive i am good enough to make this shawl who is by the way ,absolutely lovely !, i am going to keep the free pattern on file, i have a friend who could help me with this. thanks so much for sharing! can't wait to see your finished shawl ! xx


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