giovedì 10 marzo 2011


Hi and happy Friday night to all!
I've had some really busy and stressfull weeks at work and now...I'm completely exausted...
I take a day off to work tomorrow so I will have a longer week end for find new energies and...put myself in the right mood for start all again on Monday...

Probably I'll try to relax a bit "cleaning" my mind and thinking only to nice things...

Tomorrow morning I'll go out for a long walk, I'll carry only my MP3 and...go!
Then, I boked a relaxing body massage for tomorrow afternoon...surely it will help!

I planned a loooong and warm bath at the end of the day...
And...this is only my Friday!!!
I decided that this week end I'll only do things I love hubby for 1 time will have to accept this...LOL!!!!
I hope that those 3 days will really give me all the relax that I'd need!!!!
Any suggestions?
What do you do for yourself when you are totally...STRESSFULL????

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  1. this is going to do you good, taking some time for yourself. indulge in your bath and massage, it will take the stress off you. spend the week end doing things you really enjoy. no house chores! when i need to relax, i loce to cuddle near the fireplace and knit or read or watch a good movie. A cozy dinner with a bottle of wine and good company. enjoy your week end ! xx

  2. thank you so much Monique, I'm enjoying my week end of relax...I planned to do crochet a bit this evening near the fireplace so...we are thinking in the same way!!!
    have a great week end too!!


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