mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Few crates in my kitchen

Hello my Friends!!!!
How are you today?
It's already Wednesday so...we are in the middle of the week...not too far from the week end...LOL!!!

Today I'm proudly showing you what hubby and me made for our kitchen...
As I've already told you...I'm totally wooden crates addicted so...we decided to make a cute little cabinet using 3 crates...

We have had so much fun cleaning and painting our crates...

Making stencil on them...

We added a bottom with wheels...

And then...I've had so much fun filling them with nice things...
The red wooden box contains my selection of tea...the tiny tea pot and the little blue box come directly from England...

I put small jars of jelly and honey...and of course...our favourite pasta...

I've added some details...the cow hanger and the kitchen towel are gifts from my friend Nico...

I made summer coasters last year and...they looks great here...

That's all...
Now...we are making one similar for the bathroom...can't wait to have it!!!!
It's fun to have something so cute with a so low budget!!!
So...what do you think?
Is there something you are crazy about?
I wish you a lovely day!!!!
Hugs, Dany

6 commenti:

  1. Ciao scopro solo ora il tuo delizioso blog, complimenti!!!

    1. grazie Maria e benvenuta!!!!
      spero tu voglia ripassare di tanto in tanto a salutarmi!!!

  2. I just love all of the wonderful things that you are making with crates! So inspiring!!!

  3. Love these coasters!!! So cute : ) Coasters are still on my list of things to do for our kitchen bar...

  4. Hello Marica!!!
    I love any kind of coasters too, they are quick, easy and fun to make!!!


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