mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Hooked on Wednesday!

Hello My Friends!!!!!
How are you today?
I feel good but...a bit sad...
Unfortunately yesterday I had to bring my sewing machine back to the shop because..."she" doens't work very well...

Stitches were perfect on the back but...not so neat on the right side and this is really strange because usually...if there are tension problems...happens exactly the oppsite...perfect stitches on the right side and...bad stitches on the back...
Plus...I also have problems with the embroideries...
So...I have to stay more than a week without sewing and I really hope that it will not be anything of too much serious or too much expensive... :O(

Anyway...I can't stay all this time...mmm...without make something so...I decided to do some crochet project!
I found THIS pretty pattern on Raverly for a crochet placemat and...I hooked it!!!!

I took my soooo big ball of natural crochet cotton yarn and a very old hook (it was one of my Grandma's hooks and so will make my placemat more precious!)

I just love how my project grows in my hands row after row...

And I can't wait to make another row for admire the result...

Now it's starting to take form...

And I'm loving it...
I still have few rows to make but I think I'll finish it tonight or at least...tomorrow night...

So...what are you doing?
Which project are you working on?
I'd love to hear from you!!!
Have a nice time with your crafting my Friends!!!!
Hugs, Dany.

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  1. my dearest Dani, it's been so long since i paid a little visit. i hope you are doing well. i have been quite busy all winter, i still am, but i really must try and find some time for posting to lovely people i care about. i hope you get your sewing machine soon, but hey! look what you did! that crochet placemat. it is going to look absolutely lovely ♥
    take care my friendxoxoxo

  2. Hello My Dear Monique!!!!
    soooo nice to get this message from you!!!!
    I'm so happy you "come back" on the blogsphere and hope to read new posts from you that are always so lovely!!!!
    Hugs, Dany


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