mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Shame on me!!!!!

Hello my Friends!!!!!
How are you?
You may are wondering why I chose this title for my post...'s more than 2 MONTHS that I didn't write anything here and so...absolutely...SHAME ON ME!!!!

I've had a not nice time...familiar things...mood things...LOL!!!
But...this is not an excuse...I know... need a break from everyone and from  anything and so...I stopped to blog, I stopped to sew, I stopped to seems that my life...stopped at all and...believe was not nice at all...

Some days I felt like I'm not able to do anything...just my work (I can't stop it too...LOL), house works and...sleep...

But seems that...I'm getting up from a long long sleep and...step by step...I'm coming again into my life...

So, during latest weeks...I started again to crochet and sewing and...I'm ready now for blogging again and...for show you some new things I made!!!

Hope things are well for you all my friends, I missed you and I missed to read your blogs so...I'm going to do it immediately!!!!!

Now I'm back so...please, from time to time...come here to take a peek... :O)

I wish you all a lovely day to you soon!!!!!!
Love, Dany

10 commenti:

  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and look forward to reading more of your posts! Hugs, Kim

  2. Thank yuo Kim!!!!!
    I'm preparing new posts!!! :O)

  3. Sometimes we all need a break - but I'm glad you're back!!

  4. Thank you Sarah!
    yes, a break sometimes help us to recharge our batteries... :O)

  5. Danyyyyyy!!!!!! ripigliatiiiiiiiii!!!!! ;-) un abbraccio forte forte!

    1. Grazie Simo piano piano lo sto facendo!😄

  6. Dany forza!! bisogna reagire!!! un abbraccione stretto.

    1. Grazie Nico ce la sto mettendo tutta!!!!


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