giovedì 3 maggio 2012

Crazy for Crates

Hello my Friends!!!
How are you today?
Here finally, after so many days of cold and rain we have had a wonderful sunny and warm day...awesome!!!!
We really needed it!
But's supposed to rain again so...we have to wait another bit of time for have Spring coming... I would love to show you what hubby and me are making with old wooden crates...
My Dad found them for me for free, so...really a BIG DEAL!!! Thanks Daddy!!!
And...I can say...he founds a treasure!!!

During last months, I was totally "obsessed" or...better...totally crates addicted...
I love the fact you can take a simple old wooden crate, "clean" it a bit and...using it for make something totally new and beautiful for your house!
So, I decide that we MUST try this!!!
And, this is the first one we made:

We took a crate, cleaned it with a sandpaper trying to remove dirty (crates were used for fruits) and also "logo" printed on it.
Then, I made the color: I chose a natural brown that looks great in my dining room near the sofa...
So I mixed chocolate brown, white, black and gold and love the way it turned out!

As we are using it as storage for the wood near our fireplace, I made a stencil saying "Firewood for sale" and painted it in white...
I made the stencil in a very easy way: chose a font, print it with my printer on paper and then cut's easy and fast but you can use it only once as the paper will be damaged immediately but...I need it just once's perfect...LOL!!!

As I love the result...I decided to make another one to put in my laundry room for hubby's dirty work clothes and...TADA...done!!!!
And finally...I needed another one yarn and crochet projects...

We made this one...whit wheels!!!!
So, when I'm sitting on my sofa, I can take it and move it easily when I need it!

It holds perfectly all my yarns for the project I'm this case...I'm making a ripple rug...

I also make a caddy that holds all my crochet hooks, scissors, measuring tape, needles and...all what I need...

That's all for today...I'm really loving what we are making with the crates and we are having so much
fun doing it!!!!
What do you think?
Do you also use crates or anything else recycled for decorate your house?
I'd love to hear from you!!
Have a nice day!

4 commenti:

  1. you've been busy! these are great!!
    i love reusing things like this. Mostly i save coffee cans and little glass jars to store some of my scissors, buttons and so forth in the sewing room :)
    have a super weekend :)

  2. Hello Andrea!!!!
    Oh yes, is a great ideas to re-use jars and coffee cans for our sewing room!!!! I have to try this too!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    have a super week end too!!!!

  3. Mi piace tantissimo! Avevo in mente una cosa simile per ri-usare i bauletti di legno di Natale!!! Se Alex me li lascia scippare!!

  4. Si Nico provaci vedrai che ti diverti e vengono benissimo!!!
    E Ale sarà contento!!!


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