domenica 6 maggio 2012

Enjoying My Sunday

Hello My Friends!!!
How are you?
Are you enjoying your Sunday?
I did almost ended...

It wasn't a sunny day, we got some rain this morning and again this afternoon so we decided to stay at home...

While the sun was up, I spent a bit of time in my yard and so I took some pics of our flowers...
They are beautiful also if they are getting lots and lots of rain... 

 Probably they know Spring is here LOL...

 When it started rain...I went into my sewing room and..finished some project I started past winter...
So, this is my crochet rug, it was my first ripple project and I love the way it turned up... 

Then I worked on some Tilda's project, they were almost finished but...not totally...
I've added little cushions and threads to my snail and fixed it on a piece of wood... 

Sewed the bottom of my mannequin and added the little heart button and...TADAAAA!!!
Finally they are finished and ready for being displayed on my sewing room!!!! 
So I have to say that is was a really fun and...productive Sunday!!! :0)

What about you?
What did you do today ?
Hugs, Dany

4 commenti:

  1. wow~ you've been busy this weekend!cute stuff!
    we planted some things in our garden this weekend.i love homegrown veggies :)

  2. Hello Andrea!
    We planted some tomatoes too Saturday, I love to pick them freshly from my balcony... :O)

  3. I love how your rug turned out!! And all of those flowers are sooo pretty :)


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