martedì 21 settembre 2010

My "Patchwork" week end in Saint Marie Aux Mines

Hi!I've had a wonderful long week end (4 days so...more than a short vacation than a week end!!!) in Saint Marie Aux Mines (Alsace) for the 16th Carrefour European du Patchwork!
I've still in my mind and in my eyes the amazing quilts I saw there...This was the 3rd time
that I go there and every time it's a wonderful experience...

The expositions were everywhere there: schools, churches, theatres and every shop - doesn't matter if it's a bakery or a laundry or a butcher shop - had at least one quilt displayed...

Groups of happy women were all around, laughing and chatting, some of them were dressed with patchwork jackets or clothes made by themselves and lots of them proudly showed wonderful patchwork bags made by themselves too!!!

The "Espace Commercial" was a dream for every quilter, sewer and crafter...a gazillion of stands full of the most beautiful fabrics you can ever dream...buttons, colorful threads, books, sewing and embroidery tools and anything is new, wonderful, strange, useful or not in the sewing world...
I went there with some french friends, we were a group of 11, 5 men and 6 women.
Men visited the Cars Museum and then some...caves (!!!) while we visited the expositions.
So...anyone had a great time there...
Between an exposition and one other...we eated some wonderful Alsacian Tarte Flambèe...they taste soooo good!!!! I just love them!!!

Be there was really a joy for me, so I would like to thank my hubby for...taking me's so far from our town, more than 700 km...

And a big thank you also to my Dear friends Nathalie, Jacqueline and hers so lovely parents, Maryline, Annie, Jean Marc, Jaque and Luke for make this week end so special for me!!!!

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