mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

A Creative week end

Hi to all my friends!!!
As I told you in my previous post, last week end a friend of mine come here to spend the whole week end with me!

We usually do it once a year or twice if we are good enought to combine our busy lives...LOL!!!

Our week ends are creatives week ends as usually we choose one or more projects to sew together.
So, in the pic above, you can see me (on the chair busy sewing) and Luciana in the middle of one of our projects.

I chose a very cute Santa's Garland from one of the books of Nancy Halvorsen (Art to Heart) and she chose a cute panel with an unusual Xmas Tree made of Xmas Decorations.

She didn't finished it yet can't see the pics but I hope to see it finished soon.
Then we sew 2 "mannequins" and 2 little hearts bags.
As you can see, the mannequins still need the support...mine is still in the garage...hubby is working on it...he cut it on the wood, glue it and now he's waiting that the flatting will dry...
Hopefully it will be ready in a couple of days so I'll post another pic of the finished mannequin!

The week end was really soooo nice: we chatted so much, laughed and...sewed a lot!

Sunday morning we also had a little disappointing iron, the one I only use for my sewing and crafting...stopped to work...
So...we were in the middle of our mannequins without an iron...GRRRRRR!!!

Outside the weather was so cold and it rained a lot, we brought Luciana's car and we had a LONG tour...VISITING all the super markets here around for find a new iron...
After more than an hour of this "fabulous" tour...we found it and so...we come back home to sew...LOL!!!

I can't wait for our next "meeting".
Chatting together, we noticed that we both have tons of fabrics scraps, I have a box that I can't close in any way and every day...I add some piece of fabrics...
So...we decided that our next project surely will be sewing something with all our scraps...
She spoke me about the Brown Bag Quilts and I loved the idea immediately...

If you never heard about Brown Bag Quilts (like me before she explained me it...) it means that you put all your scraps in brown bags (like those you find at the grocery store), you can divide your scraps by color or simply by "tone":light, medium and dark fabrics and then put them in different bags.
When you'll start your project, you don't have to choose every fabric, if you need a medium one, you put your hand in the bag and bring a medium fabric, then you do the same for the light and dark and you use what you got from the bag...
In this way you'll can end with...a very beautiful quilt but...why not...also a very ugly one...LOL!!!
But...this is the most interesting and very fun part of this "method"'s not up to you...
What do you think of it?
Did you ever tried it?
You can apply it not only for quilts but also for scrap booking and any craft...'ll looking forward to try it with my friend!!!!

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  1. Ciao Dany!!! Mi piace l'idea del brown bag quilt! Metterò in pratica. Fosse solo per dare un'idea di ordine. Bellissimi lavori as usual! baci. nicoletta
    hi dany I like the brown bag quilts' idea, I'll do it for sure. At least to tidying my little craft room. And.. beautiful jobs, as usual. kiss.


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